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Is it just us, or is this year's X Factor full of just really, really beautiful people? Oh, and they're all ridiculously talented, too. Which, if you ask us, is just plain unfair.

Seriously, all the girls are absolute flames and the boys have our hearts racing non-stop from 8pm on Saturday through to 9:30pm on a Sunday night.

At one point on last night's show, we were so mesmerised by Myles from Rak-Su's eyes we managed to drop our dinner down our top and knock a boiling hot cup of tea all over our housemate. It was a bit of a mess.

Anyway, in our humble opinion, King of all the X Factor fitlords this year is Matt Linnen, who's in Nicole Scherzinger's Overs category.

Matt Linnen
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And we're about to go and weep into our cornflakes, as he's reportedly struck up a romance with his fellow contestant Grace Davies.

They've allegedly been hooking up in the contestants' house, but all hope is not lost as it's reportedly "just for fun". Whatever that means.

"Matt and Grace aren’t dating – it was basically just for fun," a source told the Daily Star.

"They now act as if nothing has happened."

Does this mean we're still in with a chance?

The source then added: "There are a lot of attractive people in the house so some contestants are bound to be hooking up."

Check out all the X Factor contestants' live show makeovers:


The X Factor 2017 Live Show Makeovers

Sean & Conor Price1 of 12

Sean & Conor Price

Brothers Sean and Conor have impressed judges so far with their double act. They've been given a full on boy band makeover and we love it. (They could slip right into One Direction dressed like that and nobody would even notice!)

Sam Black2 of 12

Sam Black

It's a shame Sam Black just got engaged, because his new look has turned him into even more of a FITLORD than he already was. We're loving the smart new haircut.

Matt Linnen3 of 12

Matt Linnen

Matt Linnen is sure to be this series' heart-throb after his laid-back makeover. Doesn't he take to modeling like a pro...

Rai-Elle Williams4 of 12

Rai-Elle Williams

Rae-Elle absolutely smashed it at the judges' houses, making up her own rap to accompany her audition.

Rak-Su5 of 12


Ashley, Jamaal, Myles and Mustafa all wowed the judges with their original songs. Their makeover saw them keep their unique sense of style.

Spencer Sutherland6 of 12

Spencer Sutherland

American, Spencer Sutherland already looks like he's been chiseled by the Gods, but **The X Factor **glam squad have roughed up his pretty boy image a bit.We like!

Kevin Davy White7 of 12

Kevin Davy White

Kevin Davy White will be flying all the way from Paris to appear on the show. He's kept his signature hat, and looks super-cool after his X Factor makeover.

Grace Davies8 of 12

Grace Davies

Grace Davies has been a favourite from the beginning - praised for writing her own songs. Her makeover has made her look edgy. Stylists have teamed a choker with a shirt dress for a GORG effortless look that compliments her hair colour.

Holly Tandy9 of 12

Holly Tandy

Holly Tandy was the youngest in the competition, at only 16 (we know, we can't believe it either...) Despite her age, the** X Factor **stylists have given her a mature two piece suit, and she is working it! Holly, you don't look a day under 25.

Lloyd Macey10 of 12

Lloyd Macey

Lloyd Macey wowed Louis Walsh with his musical theatre style singing voice. His makeover has smartened him up a bit, giving him a look we're sure his nan would approve of!

The Cutkelvins11 of 12

The Cutkelvins

Family group, The Cutkelvins, already dressed like they were fully fledged pop-stars. But the show's glam squad have managed to make them look even cooler than they did originally.

Tracyleanne Jefford12 of 12

Tracyleanne Jefford

Tracyleanne's makeover is probably the most dramatic. She's rocking super sleek straight hair, a classy blazer and a toned down make-up look. Yaaaas Trace, slay! You look UN-REAL.

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