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Remember Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg?

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There must be something in the air on The X Factor that sends love hormones into over-drive. Could it be the cosiness of that house they all share? Or the intimacy of the shared experience? Who knows, but The X Factor has bred A LOT of love (and heartbreak) over the years – let’s take a look at the romantic history of the show.


All The X Factor romances over the years

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Leon Jackson and Emily Biggs

Series 4 winner Leon fell for 18-year-old Hope singer Emily back in 2007. After becoming close to Leon in the X Factor house Emily dumped her then-boyfriend to be with Leon, and they went public in November 2008.

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Amelia Lily and Frankie Cocozza

Frankie and Amelia met while filming series eight. Finalists claimed they were inseparable in the house – an insider said: "Amelia and Frankie kiss and cuddle all the time and everyone else living in the house is getting sick of it."But Amelia was sent home in the first week, and then, in a strange turn of events, Frankie was later kicked off the show for allegedly boasting of drug-taking sessions – and Amelia was brought back in to replace him!

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Amelia Lily and Frankie Cocozza

Anyway, there was speculation a brief fling BUT Frankie is adamant the two were only ever friends. He told heatworld: "We was never together me and Amelia. Like, never ever. She ended up with my mate for like a year and a half."He added: "I think we snogged once but that's it. I made it very clear to Amelia that I was 18 and I've just been put on a TV show and I am going to shag everything I wanna shag and everything that wants to shag me."Charming.

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Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg

Major throwback! Diana and Eoghan met way back in 2008 on series 5, and speculation of romance between the pair began after Eoghan invaded the stage sobbing hysterically during Diana's farewell song.Simon Cowell described them as "two young kids in love." Awww.Diana dumped her then-boyfriend to be with Eoghan, but a few months later she dumped Eoghan too. Heartbreaker, that Diana Vickers.

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Zayn Malik and Geneva Lane

Perrie Edwards wasn't Zayn's first The X Factor romance: he briefly dated Geneva Lane from Belle Amie in 2010, but it didn't last long.And, as we later discovered, the break-up was not amicable. When the news came out that Zayn had dumped fiancée Perrie, Geneva re-appeared. She took to Twitter to slam Zayn, retweeting an article about the Zayn-Perrie split and writing: "Lol... Saw that coming. Dunno how she didn't realise sooner what massive c*nt he is." Woaaaah.

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Zayn Malik and Rebecca Ferguson

Zayn sure likes his X Factor ladies! Zayn and Rebecca met on series seven – Rebecca came second while One D came third – and after the show the pair embarked on a four-month relationship.They then "mutually agreed" to split in July 2011, blaming work commitments, but later Zayn called their fling a "mistake", leading Rebecca to respond: "It's a bit like, wow, that's a little blip in my life, what was I doing?"

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Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards

One Direction's Zayn and Perrie are one of the most talked about relationships in X Factor history. The pair met during filming for the eighth series – which Perrie's manufactured girl band Little Mix went on to win. Zayn had been on the show the year before as part of One Direction (also put together by Simon Cowell).The lovebirds went public in May 2012, but in August that year their relationship was rocked by cheating rumours – they stayed together though and got a dog (!!) called Hatchi.THEN, in August 2013 Zayn proposed to Perrie... but two years later the pair split. Perrie claimed Zayn dumped her by text, but Zayn denies this.

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Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer

Liam and Danielle started dating in 2010 after meeting on the show: Liam was a contestant and Danielle was working as a dancer. But in September 2012 it was rumoured that they had split – which Liam later confirmed.They soon got back together and bought a dog called Loki, but called it quits for good in May 2013.When asked about Liam's relationship with Chezza, Danielle said: "Love is love. Happiness is happiness. You just want people to be happy. They both seem happy, obviously I don't know her but I'm happy for them."

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Cheryl and Liam Payne

So this one is obvs slightly different: Chezza and Liam first met when Cheryl was one of the judges on The X Factor in 2008. Cheryl called 14-year-old Liam's audition "cute", but he was cut by Simon at judges' houses. He then re-appeared in 2010 as part of One Direction.Fast forward a few years and rumours are emerging of a romance between the pair – which are confirmed in February 2016, and few months later, Chezza is pregnant with Liam's baby!In March 2017, she gave birth to a little boy, Bear.

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Caroline Flack and Harry Styles

This was another controversial one: Cazza and Hazza met in 2011 – Caroline was The Xtra Factor host at the time. There was a bit of an age gap, Harry being just 17 and Caroline 32, which led to heavy criticism from some One Direction fans.Caroline revealed she was subject to death threats, and in her autobiography she wrote: "In the street people started shouting 'paedophile' at me in the street and 'pervert'."There was a moment when we just thought, shit, this has gone really dark. So perhaps we did the wrong thing, who knows."

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Caroline Flack and Harry Styles

In January 2012 they split, and Harry tweeted: "Please know I didn't 'dump' Caroline. This was a mutual decision. She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. Please respect that."

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Stevi Richie and Chloe-Jasmine Whichello

Stevi and Chloe-Jasmine were an unlikely couple – and they've made many headlines over the years. Their romance began while filming series 11, but it was a bit controversial as Chloe already had a boyf.Nevertheless, the pair got together and went on to get engaged in July 2015...and then a few months later they entered the Celebrity Big Brother house together. Following their CBB stint, there were rumours of a break-up after a series of rows, but in July 2016 they rekindled their relationship in an unofficial "wedding blessing" ceremony on a yacht in Cyprus.A few months later they ended things again, but in January this year a source told The Sun they are "giving things another go."

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Sam Callahan and Tamera Foster

Tamera and Sam sparked up a love affair in 2013 after meeting on the show, but Sam said it was difficult for them to get any alone time in the X Factor house.He told The Sun: "I'd sneak into Tamera's room in the middle of the night to say goodnight and have a private intimate moment but never for long."After the show they dated briefly – and Tamera stood by Sam after he was caught sending pics to a glamour girl.But after a year Tamera split from Sam to focus on her singing career. A music industry source said: "Tamera had strong feelings for Sam, but she is also very ambitious. It wasn't her intention to hurt him, but she knew it was time to move on."

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Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie

Emily and Ryan were both on last year's series - but they were actually together for a year before going on the show.They weren't allowed to share a room in the X Factor house, but this didn't stop them getting jiggy: apparently they were caught doing the deed on the STAIRS.They denied this - Emily told OK! magazine: "It's disgusting that someone would make up something like that, especially when we're so young and just starting out in our careers."Anyway, stair sex or no stair sex, from a quick look at their social media it appears the lovebirds are still together.


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