X Factor’s Sarah-Jane Crawford: “My boyfriend sent me flowers pretending to be from Stevi Richie!”

Sarah-Jane Crawford says her boyfriend has been ribbing her about Stevi Richie


by Selina Maycock |
Published on

Xtra Factor presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford has been ribbed on live TV about Stevi Richie fancying her, and now even her boyfriend has got involved in the banter.

Speaking to us at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Awards with Baileys, she said her boyfriend Ross Harland has now been winding her up. Sarah said: “It’s really funny because he sent me some flowers to the studio last week going ‘something, something, something …love Stevi Richie. Haha only joking, love Ross’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god, but no Stevi and I are friends.

She added: “It’s funny, and I think if it was something that was serious, it’s something that they would absolutely NOT be saying on live TV. We’ve all got each other’s backs up a bit more than that but you know, it’s nice when you can have some banter with people because it means you have got a good relationship with them. I do it with my friends, so I deserve it being done to me.”

Sounds like April Fool’s Day is going to be fun for you then…

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