X Factor’s Only The Young on Mikey’s fauxmance with Lola Saunders and being MASSIVELY star-struck by Louis Tomlinson

The foursome also reckon Simon Cowell's not NEARLY as scary IRL as he is on telly...


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They’ve had a precarious couple of weeks in The X Factor, but Only The Young managed to pull it back this weekend with an excellent rendition of Monster Mash for Saturday night’s Halloween-themed Fright Night.

We caught up with the foursome – Mikey Bromley, Betsy-Blue English, Charlie George and Parisa Tarjomani - at the KISS FM Haunted House Party, and got chatting to them about all things X Factor – and why they’re obsessed with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson…

So welcome to KISS FM’s Haunted House Party! Are you going to let your hair down?

Only The Young: “It’s our only night out we’ve had in so long! There’s no time to do anything in the house, everyone’s either filming or out doing stuff, so as soon as we get in everyone goes to bed and that’s it! It sounds really boring. It is, it is kinda boring really.

Charlie: I go downstairs in the morning to make a cup of tea and there’s literally no one there. I’m like, what, there are 30 people living in this house, where is everyone?

**And what’s the deal with Mikey and Lola Saunders? **

OTY: What is this? Where is this coming from?!

Mikey: There’s nothing to explain. I walked out of the studio and smiled, but the camera angle looked like I’d Eskimo-kissed her, which I didn’t. Lola’s got a boyfriend anyway. Lola and I laugh about it, we couldn’t believe it when we saw it in the papers as well, we were like, ‘Have you seen this?’ and she said, ‘No, did we actually touch noses?’ I was like, ‘No, I don’t think we did anyway…’

You’re rapidly becoming household names, but when was the last time you got star-struck?

Charlie: I got star-struck by Louis Tomlinson today. It was so weird, I was walking down the corridor and you walk past him and you’re like, ‘…hi!’ and then just carry on walking, and it’s like, ‘Oh my god, that’s Louis Tomlinson!’ I just went and sat in the corner and screamed.

Has he given you any tips on handling the X Factor process?

OTY: He’s got great advice – we spoke to him as a band a couple of days ago and obviously he’s been through the experience. He just said stick together as a four, which we’re fine with – we’re four best friends and we’ve been doing this for two years, so we’ve got each other’s backs.

And what can you tell us about Simon Cowell – is he as scary in person as he is on telly?

OTY: He’s actually the nicest man ever – he pretends to be really nasty but he actually loves puppies!

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