The X Factor’s Mason Noise ‘drugged up’ to perform on show as contestants struggle with health issues

The singers have been struck down with illness

Mason Noise X Factor

by Owen Tonks |
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The stars of this year’s X Factor have been struck down by health issues which have left them struggling to perform on Saturday nights.

Last week, 4th Impact’s Celina Cercado almost passed out on stage, live on television, after being treated by an ambulance crew earlier in the day.

But, behind the scenes, other contestants have felt the strain thanks to their gruelling schedule of rehearsals, tuition and promotion.

Mason Noise, who was eliminated from the competition last night, told the Daily Star Sunday: “When you’re on the show you are rushed around so much. You don’t get time to eat or drink much, so everything just kind of gets to you.

“You do get adrenaline but when that’s gone you just shut down. The pressure gets to everyone. Everyone has been ill in the past week.”

Mason relied on painkillers to help him perform last night after being seen by doctors earlier in the week.

He said: “I’ve had really bad flu and swollen glands. I’ve had to go on voice rest. We’ve had to see how it goes.

“You just drug up and do what you can. All the way through I knew I had to just suck it up and perform.

“The doctors advised loads of painkillers and Ibuprofen and lots of sleep.”

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