X Factor’s Simon Cowell: “We’ll make Louis Walsh judge of the week”

Here’s why we haven’t seen the back of Louis Walsh


by Selina Maycock |

It seems like Louis Walsh just can’t keep away from the X Factor. Not only was he on set to film part of the X Factor promo, he’s also bagged himself some tickets to the live shows.

Speaking at the press conference at the launch of the X Factor episode preview, Simon tells us: “Louis’ going to be able to go to bed earlier – he can watch the show in bed in his PJs and he can call me after the show. We’ve got him a couple of seats at the live shows – restricted viewing – but I’m looking after him.”

Even Cheryl put her feelings aside, saying: “He’s a really good sport. He came down to our promo and if you’ve seen the advert he did the bit at the end where he swept the floor and it showed he was a good sport about it. He’s really happy not being on the show.”

And Louis' even warned the new judges about what to expect.

Grimmy tells us: “He came in to mine and Rita’s dressing room when we were doing that shoot and he’s the happiest he’s ever been and he’s like ‘you two don’t know what you’ve got yourselves in to’! He was really happy. But he did want there to be a fifth judge…”

And Simon’s got the perfect slot for him, adding: “We’ll make him judge of the week or something…” To which Cheryl jokes: “The week I’m off.” Simon replies: “No, we’ll do a Boyzone week or stool week.” Grimmy chips in: “And have everyone on stools” and Cheryl joined in the banter, adding: “With a key change.”

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