Er, so you can now get yorkshire pudding pizza and we’re just so conflicted


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Call us a #basicbitch all you like, but we love pizza. The cheesy triangles are there for us when we've had a hard day, when our date mentions their ex and when we are still grieving over Love Island two months later.

When we heard there was going to be a pizza festival, we tried to sell our Secret Garden Party ticket and our Hunters wellies, because nothing beats a day dedicated to peperoni passion.

We went mad for Mac's 'pizza cutter' eyelinerand LIVED for the news of someone making a pizza of Mary Berry's actual FACE.


And when Celebrity Big Brother's Trisha Paytas chose pizza over immunity, we couldn't relate more.


Now, in more pressing pizza-related news, a restaurant in Yorkshire has created a YORKSHIRE PUDDING PIZZA.

We are conflicted.

Yorkshire puddings are great in a roast dinner. They are great when they're filled with gravy and if they were missing from a Sunday lunch we would be filling out a petition IMMEDIATELY.

As you also will have gathered from the first four paragraphs, we also really like pizza.

But the two together? Er. As we said, we are conflicted.

Rebels Smokehouse in Beverley, East Yorks invented the barmy meal and at 1500 calories, it's definitely not for the faint-hearted.


The yorkshire pudding pizza is essentially a massive yorkie, topped with a sausage base and then topped with cheese and tomato.

The owner told Ladbible: "I was working with co-owners Jason Rowe and Lucas Billingham to create a nostalgic menu when we came up with this.

"We were thinking of the Chicago town pizza - because we all ate these as a kid, more often than not in frozen form, when we decided to pair it with the Yorkshire pud.


"Of course, it was the natural progression as we're all from Yorkshire."

He added: "It is so far going down a storm.

ERR. So, are you gonna be having this mental dish whilst you're catching up on The X Factor later? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, please.

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