The 50 Biggest & Best Celebrity Hairstyles Ever

Because even your hair gets bored sometimes


by Ellen Kerry |
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Ever get the feeling you're stuck in a bit of a hair rut? If you've had less hair changes than Jennifer Aniston it might be time to rethink your follicle fashion.

To give you and your bonce a helping hand we've pulled together a whopping 50 pics of some of our fave celebrity 'dos.

See one (or more) you like? Take your phone to the hairdresser, pull up the pic and beg your stylist to work their magic or just give it a go yourself in the comfort of your own home!


50 best celeb hair styles

Alexa's nonchalent lob1 of 49

Alexa's nonchalent lob

Amanda Seyfried's Christmas bow bun2 of 49

Amanda Seyfried's Christmas bow bun

Amber le Bon's candy pink wash3 of 49

Amber le Bon's candy pink wash

Bella Thorne's high bun with fringe4 of 49

Bella Thorne's high bun with fringe

Blake Lively's Hollywood glam waves5 of 49

Blake Lively's Hollywood glam waves

Carey Mulligan's flippy bob6 of 49

Carey Mulligan's flippy bob

Caroline Flack's beachy waves7 of 49

Caroline Flack's beachy waves

Daisy Lowe's fishtail braid8 of 49

Daisy Lowe's fishtail braid

Diane Kruger's plait plus fancy beret9 of 49

Diane Kruger's plait plus fancy beret

emma-watson-bob10 of 49


Emma Watson's pixie crop11 of 49

Emma Watson's pixie crop

Eva Mendes' bouffy pony12 of 49

Eva Mendes' bouffy pony

Fearne Cotton's bouncy bob13 of 49

Fearne Cotton's bouncy bob

Harley Viera Newton's Heidi plaits14 of 49

Harley Viera Newton's Heidi plaits

Iggy Azalea's big bun15 of 49

Iggy Azalea's big bun

January Jones' spiral waves16 of 49

January Jones' spiral waves

Jessica Alba's shiny ombre17 of 49

Jessica Alba's shiny ombre

Jessica Hart's elegant up 'do18 of 49

Jessica Hart's elegant up 'do

Julianne Hough's spiky ends19 of 49

Julianne Hough's spiky ends

Katy Perry's intricate overhead plait20 of 49

Katy Perry's intricate overhead plait

Keira Knightley's princess rolls21 of 49

Keira Knightley's princess rolls

Kerry Washington's tousled mid-bun22 of 49

Kerry Washington's tousled mid-bun

Kim Kardashian's balayage23 of 49

Kim Kardashian's balayage

Kirsten Dunst's pretty hair slide24 of 49

Kirsten Dunst's pretty hair slide

Kourtney Kardashian's multi plaits25 of 49

Kourtney Kardashian's multi plaits

Kristen Stewart's high half pony26 of 49

Kristen Stewart's high half pony

Leighton Meester's best bob EVER27 of 49

Leighton Meester's best bob EVER

Lily Collins' retro bouff28 of 49

Lily Collins' retro bouff

Nicole Scherzinger's excellent blowdry29 of 49

Nicole Scherzinger's excellent blowdry

Olivia Palermo's soft low pony30 of 49

Olivia Palermo's soft low pony

Rachel McAdams' fiery orange waves31 of 49

Rachel McAdams' fiery orange waves

Rachel Bilson's grunge-y twists32 of 49

Rachel Bilson's grunge-y twists

Reese Witherspoon's uber glam ponytail33 of 49

Reese Witherspoon's uber glam ponytail

Rooney Mara's brave blunt fringe34 of 49

Rooney Mara's brave blunt fringe

Solange Knowles' mega 'fro35 of 49

Solange Knowles' mega 'fro

Sophia Bush's GoT's plaited fringe36 of 49

Sophia Bush's GoT's plaited fringe

Zoe Kravitz's feathered lob37 of 49

Zoe Kravitz's feathered lob

Zooey Deschanel's bouncy blowdry38 of 49

Zooey Deschanel's bouncy blowdry

Diane Kruger's shell-shaped 'do39 of 49

Diane Kruger's shell-shaped 'do

Jennifer Aniston's straight shine40 of 49

Jennifer Aniston's straight shine

Jennifer Lawrence's grown out crop41 of 49

Jennifer Lawrence's grown out crop

Jennifer Morrison's mangled-chic pony42 of 49

Jennifer Morrison's mangled-chic pony

Katy Perry's grunge green locks43 of 49

Katy Perry's grunge green locks

Kylie Jenner's glossy dip dye44 of 49

Kylie Jenner's glossy dip dye

Lea Seydoux's warm aurburn rolls45 of 49

Lea Seydoux's warm aurburn rolls

Lily Allen's sunset dye job46 of 49

Lily Allen's sunset dye job

Michelle Williams' icy blonde47 of 49

Michelle Williams' icy blonde

Pixie Lott's grown out layers48 of 49

Pixie Lott's grown out layers

Rita Ora's red carpet-ready bob49 of 49

Rita Ora's red carpet-ready bob

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