Ranked: 11 Ultimate Celeb Hair Transformations

Celebrity hair transformations

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Hours of glam, wardrobes full of designer outfits and endless free food and drink at swanky VIP parties - it's a pretty tough life being a celeb, isn't it? But with all these star-studded appearances, red carpet events and premiers to attend, each one demands a headline-grabbing, camera-worthy new look. It's no wonder the A-List like to shake things up with a new hairdo every now and then.

From drastic chops, styling switch-ups and extensions, to bold wigs and daring dye jobs, some celebs take the meaning of the word transformation to a whole new level.

We've scoured the red carpet archives and trawled through social media to bring you some of our favourite celebrity hair transformations over the years...


11 Ultimate Celeb Hair Transformations final

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11. Beyoncé

Queen B never shies away from changing up her hairstyle. From big and bouncy to sleek and straight, Beyoncé always gives us serious hair envy.If, like Queen, you often change up your hair by dyeing or styling it, then be sure to invest in the TRESemmé Styling Defence Spray to protect your hair from heat damage from styling tools, especially hair dryers!

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10. Ariana Grande

Arian Grande is best known for her signature sleek high ponytail, but we absolutely loved the icy lavender look she rocked on Instagram recently.

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9. Bella Hadid

Bella recently switched up her classic straight brown locks for a drastic, choppy bob. And we were BIG fans.

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8. Leighton Meester

It's hard to imagine Leighton Meester's hair as anything other than the chocolate brown, hairband-clad 'do preferred by her Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf, but Leighton actually dyed her dark blonde hair brown to bag the role.

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7. Kylie Jenner

It's not just Kylie's facial features which have transformed over the years, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters regularly likes to switch up her hair too. Our personal fave was the blush pink debuted in 2016, but we're also big fans of the sleek, icy blonde.

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6. Selena Gomez

Selena caused quite the stir when she rocked up to the 2017 American Music Awards showcasing a brand new bleach blonde bob.

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5. Zendaya

Zendaya's bright red crop turned more than a few heads at the 2018 Met Gala. Is there any style that this actress can't pull off?

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4. Kim Kardashian

Kim K keeps her fans on their toes when it comes to her hair transformations, often switching between icy blonde and black. We wonder what she'll do next...

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3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry's showcased some daring 'do's over the years, including bright blue and pink styles. In 2017, Katie debuted a bleach blonde pixie crop and we haven't got over it yet.

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2. Miley Cyrus

Miley marked the end of her days as a Disney child superstar but lopping off all her long, golden brown hair and opting for a bold, bleached-crop, hence why we're crowning her 2nd in our ranking of ultimate hair transformations.

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1. Rihanna

From short crops, braids, blonde curls, sleek black tresses and bold red waves, Rihanna is the ultimate hair transformation Queen. We bow down to her.

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