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by Danni Deibe |

Sponsored by The Huntsman: Winter's War

Style Editor Jo Hoare is here to show you how to get the Ice Queen look, as seen on Emily Blunt as Queen Freya in the brand new film The Huntsman: Winter's War, in cinemas now.

Ice Queen Look

This look is perfect for adding drama to your Saturday night out outfit. Here's how you achieve it!

  1. Apply your foundation. Pat rather than swipe, focusing on the middle and blending outwards.

  2. Conceal any blemishes. Don't go too light with the concealer or you'll end up with a halo look.

  3. Add setting powder. Don't over powder!

  4. Fill in your brows. Use soft strokes and don't overfill!

  5. Prep your eyelids. Use a powder shadow.

  6. Get feline! Draw an outline outwards like a feline eye, then blend the colour back into the socket and repeat with a darker colour on the outside edge. Use the socket colour on the lash line until the start of your lashes, and use a highlight colour by the tearduct.

  7. Curl your lashes. Then add mascara.

  8. Contour. Keeping the colour close to your skin tone.

  9. Add blusher. Blend it in.

  10. Add a sheer gloss to your lips. And you're done!

The Huntsman: Winter's War, is in cinemas now. Check out the trailer & enter our competition to WIN a trip to New York here.

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