The 11 best 2023 hair styles, according to experts

Bright blondes, bouncy blow drys, box bobs and more...

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We’re always keeping our eyes peeled for some fresh hair inspiration for every event, whether that be from looking at our fave celeb hair looks or scrolling on TikTok. If you’re in search of some hair inspiration, there are tons of 2023 hairstyle trends across cuts, colouring, and styling.

2023 is all about short bobs, choppy layers, and copper colouring. That being said, there are also a ton of hairstyle trends for those of us who want something a tad bit more subtle, too. Long hairstyles are also still going strong, and aren’t going anywhere soon.

While a fresh haircut can make you feel like a new woman, a large part of having beautiful hair is in the maintenance and staying on top of a good haircare routine. Taking care of your strands is essential to avoiding dryness, breakage, damage, dandruff, and more. In order to build the best routine for you, start by finding out what your hair type is, and finding products that target your problem areas.

To get a good breakdown of the best 2023 hairstyles for women, along with some tips on how to achieve them from hairstylist pros, scroll ahead and prepare to screenshot.

1) The box bob

If there’s anyone who could inspire us to brave a big chop, it’s Hailey Bieber. And it looks like sharp bob cuts are set to be a big deal for the rest of 2023. “Bobs have been big for a while now, and they’re going nowhere,” says Tyler Moore, expert stylist at Live True London. We expect to see bobs getting shorter, with a resurgence of this blunt and boxy cut. This bob hits around the chin or just below, and the key motif is a blunt, sharp cut. This gives a denser cut that’s full of body." If you're looking to save time and effort on styling, try a textured, choppier bob that will naturally look better when it's messy and unstyled. This cut will look fab on those with oval-shaped faces, whether you decide to go shorter or longer.

2) The curve cut

A sleek curve cut is set to be one of the trendiest haircuts for women this year, and it looks great whether your locks are short, long or shoulder length.

“This cut is the perfect cut for letting your hair grow out whilst still maintaining a bit of shape and style. It’s achieved by cutting the hair in a ‘U’ or ‘V’ shape with plenty of layers, giving the illusion of shorter hair at the front if desired,” says expert stylist Tyler Moore. This look on Lucy Hale has plenty of dreamy volume while the layers offer up some really flattering face framing. The good news is, thanks to its inverted curved tips, this cut looks really good on all face shapes and is great for making thinner locks appear fuller. We’re obsessed, tbh.

3) The ultra-short afro

“We’re seeing a lot of close-cropped afros coming into 2023,” says Moore. “Choose a length of around 1 inch to maintain versatility and allow for some styling if wanted.” Not only is this style super chic, having a shorter crop will make it much easier to change up your look with different wigs if you want to, as there’s no need to go back to the salon to get wig braids. This style will look so flattering on an oval-shaped face.

4) Embracing natural hair/texture

Paul Percival, celeb hairstylist and founder of Percy and Reed predicts that embracing natural hair textures and styles will take centre stage. “It’s all about getting the right cut, so book time with a stylist to have a consultation and chat about what you’d love to achieve with your hair,” he says.

While giving your natural look some love is a great idea, figuring out how to style it correctly takes work. Paul suggests using products that are made specifically for your hair needs, to target any problem areas. He recommends Percy & Reed Wonder Balm Hair Primer, as it’s a fab all-rounder that can work for all hair types. “It is the perfect product to get the best version of your own hair, by that I mean it stops the humidity creating frizz and it is so lightweight, so it isn’t going to actually create too much hold therefore it lets your hair be the best version of itself,” says Paul.

5) Mix & match cuts

“One thing that seems to be a massive trend for 2023 would be that clients themselves are starting to put haircuts together,” confirms Paul. “By that I mean, disconnected haircuts such as combining the front of one type of haircut, with the back of another. Such as people’s own takes on mullets and wolf cuts, people are almost having a DIY version of a haircut.” He adds. There's also been a resurgence of 70's hairstyles, with many women opting to put their own spin on the very retro shag cut.

“Some people are also wanting a sort of shag haircut, but they want it to be more like a basin, so there is a real trend of mixing and matching different haircuts, which is really nice, this will only become more popular with people trying to become more individual,” he explains. We’re not sure about going full mullet just yet, but we can totally get behind a customised look.

6) Super long locks

“There is a real movement towards a lot of people growing their hair super long,” says Paul. He recommends using a strengthening shampoo and conditioner, along with a scalp treatment to keep hair strong enough to grow it really long. Taking care of your scalp is so important if you’re looking to grow Kim K-approved strands, as your hair follicles can be blocked by sebum, dead skin, or dandruff which can impact the speed and quality of healthy hair growth.

7) Bright blonde

Looking to make more of a statement with your strands? A bold blonde is the perfect shade to jhuzz up your ‘do for the new season.

“There has been a real movement towards expensive, chocolate, darker colours in the autumn/winter which is normal, but this season it has been much more about very expensive looking hair when it comes to colour," says Paul. “This trend will remain, I think people will embrace lighter tones/brighter hair but there will also be a movement towards having a darker panel underneath,” he shares.

To keep your bright, bleached locks looking slay-worthy, you should make sure to keep on top of a good haircare routine. Paul recommends the Percy and Reed Bye Bye Dry Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner to keep strands hydrated and silky smooth to get that on-trend expensive hair look.

8) Big bouncy blow drys

There’s no better way to add a little va-va-voom to your mane than with a good old bouncy blow-out, and this popular look is easier to recreate at home than you might think. In order to create the perfect foundation for fuller hair, Paul suggests using a volumising shampoo and conditioner before styling. For maximum results, pair this with a volume mousse and styling spray before blow-drying your hair in sections with your styling tool of choice.

9) Bedhead hair

A hairstyle with close to zero effort required? Count us in. “Good news for the lazy… the natural bedhead texture will be everywhere soon,” says Live True London’s senior colourist, Stéphane Ferraira. “We’ve already started seeing a lot of slept-in blow dries and three-day-old waves, which can be enhanced with styling sprays and pomade. We’re seeing a step away from pristinely styled hair.”

For an effortless and undone look, style your hair with a salt spray, styling pomade or dry shampoo to give it a little texture and volume.

10) Copper tones

There’s no doubt that copper hair has been having a moment ever since Kendall Jenner debuted red locks last year at fashion week, and it looks like coppery hues are set to stick around. “Copper hair remains popular in the salons, with clients asking for everything from full head copper to balayage and in every shade,” says Stéphane. We expect this to continue well into 2023 in the same way as it did in 2022, with twists on the shade for each season, such as a buttery blonde or peachy shade in summer,” he adds.

11) Candlelit brunette

If you're debating whether to go for balayage or highlights, check out this super natural-looking, glossy trend that you're about to see everywhere in 2023.

“Candlelit colour is a subtle warm-toned balayage that works to subtly enhance your natural shade,” says Tyler Moore. “It cleverly mimics the effect of candlelight reflecting on your hair, with added shine and lustre!” There’s no doubt that more natural beauty looks have been trending across make-up and hair recently, and according to Tyler, there’s more where that came from in 2023.

“Since lockdown, we’ve seen a rise in beautiful – but low maintenance – colour, for example, the ‘expensive brunette’ trend in 2022,” he says. “These subtle but tailored hair looks often mirror current beauty trends, with most opting for a more natural, ‘your skin/hair but better’ effect over higher maintenance options.”

Whether you go for something choppy or long and luscious, 2023’s hairstyle trends are as versatile as they come. Now it’s time to hit the salon with your fresh hair inspo…

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