We went ‘hairclubbing’ and it was so LIT

A night out and blowdry ALL IN ONE


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Those of you who regularly find yourself rushing about your bedroom trying to down a glass of wine, put on lip stick, and make your hair look reasonable will be pleased to know there’s an alternative.

No longer will you have to juggle predrinks and getting ready for your night out – because you can now combine the two while sitting comfortably in a lovely salon chair.

‘Hairclubbing’ is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s like a salon, only there’s an actual bar inside. So you can get your hair done while sitting still and getting drunk. It’s pretty much a dream come true.

. The founder of the concept, Julia Olofsson, describes it as: “There is absolutely no need for such a frequent necessity as hairdressing to feel like a dentist’s appointment - not in the 21st century, anyway. Imagine doing your hair to a high standard, but while hanging out with your friends in your favourite pub or a bar - that’s hairclubbing!”

heatworld went down to Blade in Soho on Friday evening to try it out, and can confirm we felt like celebs.

blade soho
©Blade Salon

After ordering Espresso Martinis, we were seated next to each other while our blowdrys took place – meaning we had all the benefits of having cocktails and a catch up, while being pampered at the same time.

US BEING FANCY ©heatworld

You can choose from a selection of different cocktails on a fancy little iPad, or if (for some bizarre reason) you don’t feel like a cocktail, soft drinks and coffees are also available.

The drinks are then made in a fully equipped bar downstairs, where friends can join you for a little bevvy if they’re not in the mood to get their hair done.

When the session had finished we were a cocktail down, our hair looked lit, and were all ready for a Friday night out.

We don’t mean to brag but our DMs were absolutely popping after our visit to Blade Soho, so find out more about them here.


**heatworld went to Blade Soho. For more information, visit their **websitewebsite.

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