Kady McDermott reveals the “easy” way she removed her hair extensions

And it costs less than £15

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If you're struggling with your hair extensions and want them removed ASAP then Kady McDermott and revealed an "easy" way to take them out.

Due to self-isolating, none of us can go to the hairdressers (sob) so Kady has found a product that costs less than £15 and helps you remove your extensions at home.

On her Instagram Story she shared a picture of Beauty Works' Hair Extension Remover and explained, "I got this to remove my tape extensions.

"I would normally only ever let a professional do it but as I don’t have that many tapes in my hair and they’re practically ready to come out, I would do a DIY job so I can let my natural hair grow and breathe for a while".

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Beauty Works Hair Extension Remover

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CREDIT: Beauty Works

Hair Extension Remover

Later on the Love Island star went on to explain the process, "So I've just taken all my tape extensions out... and it was actually so easy.

"I literally just used the Beauty Works hair removal put it all in the extensions and then they literally just slid out."

kady mcdermott
Kady revealed her hair extension hack on Instagram ©Instagram / kadymcdermott

However she did go on to add, "But mine were ready to come out anyway, so I feel like that made it easier.

"And then I put loads of hair oil and slid that through to remove any stickiness."

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Kady's hair hack comes shortly after reports surfaced that she's "on a break" with TOWIE's Myles Barnett.

The pair split last year but quickly reunited and sparked engagement rumours but despite buying a house together they appear to be going through a rough patch.

An insider explained, "Kady and Myles are spending some time apart right now. They decided to go their separate ways while isolating but are hoping to get things back on track and move into the new place together...

“They split once already last year but have been determined to make things work after purchasing the bungalow and starting extensive renovation on it.

"The plan is still for them to move in together and hopefully the time apart will be just what they need," a source told The Sun.

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