How to keep your hair looking hot when it’s freezing cold

Save your ends!


by Jadie Troy-Pryde |

We’re all familiar with the feeling of winter coming along and ruining your perfect lovely hair with its brutal chill.

Even if you usually have a thick head of hair with an unparalleled shine, the change in the weather can really wreak havoc on your barnet.

That’s why it’s SO important to look after your tresses in the cooler (bloody freezing) months.

Especially because it looks like things are going to get a tad chillier before it heats up again.

We got luxury hair guru Hiro Miyoshi to give us some pointers and products to suit every budget.

hiro miyosho

Increase hair treatments during winter months

Don’t let your haircare routine slip now! During winter it’s crucial that your hair is properly nourished, and in order to maintain and lock in moisture you’ll need a little help.

“During the winter months, the hair can start to lack body and fullness,” Hiro tells us.

“First of all, your hair and scalp would probably need a hair treatment to restore its moisture levels - this is key to prepare it for the cold weather.”

Investing in a good hair masque or oil is essential if you want to keep your ‘do in good condition.

Feeling flash

Oribe’s Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil is the hair product equivalent of unicorn tears.


£48, Space NK

A one-off splash

Nashi’s Aargon Oil comes in with a slightly smaller price tag, but is equally as magic.

nashi argan oil

£18.69, Amazon

Strapped for cash

Hair Xpertise Aargon Oil is perfect for glossy locks without breaking the bank.

hair xpertise

£12.99, Boots

Shake up your hair washing routine in winter

“It’s time to change your shampoo and conditioner to suit the winter month’s exposure,” explains Hiro.

“Something to give your hair an extra kick to fight off the effects of the harsh weather. In colder temperatures, our hair can become sensitive and dry out, so investing in a good shampoo and conditioner will make your hair easier to manage and give it a softer, more glossy feel.”

Didn’t realise that your hair washing routine could be contributing to the winter dryness? Well it CAN.

Opting for a moisturising or hydrating shampoo could make all the difference to your tresses.

But with TONS of products out there, which brands should you turn to?

Hiro recommends Oribe, Philip Kingsley or L’Oreal because they cater for various different hair types, and will really nourish the hair.

Feeling flash

Oribe’s Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner come with a hefty price tag, but can you put a price on Hollywood hair?

oribe shampoo

Shampoo £46 / Conditioner £48, Space NK

A one-off splash

Philip Kingsley’s products are great if you fancy treating your hair – try his Body Building Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner.

philip kingsley

Shampoo £15.78 / Conditioner £21, Amazon

Strapped for cash

L’Oreal Elvive’s Extraordinary Oils Nourishing range is the go-to if you need a product that can do the job without making your credit card wince.


Shampoo and conditioner both £3.50, Boots

Cold weather calls for a haircut

It sounds VERY simple, but it’s something a lot of us forget to do come the end of the year.

We’re all guilty of skipping a good chop in order to have long beachy waves by the summer, but avoiding the hairdressers is a one-way ticket to Splitends-ville.

“Book a consultation with your stylist and colourist,” Hiro says.

“It may be time for the trim that will prevent the split ends in the cold weather.”

You don’t have to go wild and book in a super short pixie crop or brave your first ever fringe. Just make sure you get it trimmed regularly, and by summer you’ll have long and healthy hair.

julia roberts

Let your hair live its best, natural life in winter

“The natural look and big volume is the way forward this winter,” admits Hiro.

It’s very tempting to reach for the straighteners when the weather changes and frizz comes knocking, but winter is your opportunity to let your hair run free!

Lock away the tongs and go with your hair’s natural movement.

All natural, baby

“Not everyone has time to fuss over blow drying your hair – follow Solange Knowles’ lead and go all out, but make sure to look after it with the right products.”

solange knowles

Dry texturizing sprays will give your hair body and create a bed head effect that looks effortlessly cool.

Meet you halfway

“With hair that hits past the shoulders and bangs that are long enough to be split down the middle, the grown-out shag is the haircut to keep an eye on this year – so make sure to have regular haircuts and ensure the hair grows down evenly.”

alexa chung

Minimum effort, maximum cool. Think Alexa Chung, always.

Natural? No thanks

“Slick your hair up. All the way up. Done in rumpled texture or slick-straight, the high ponytail adds both elegance and ease to every ensemble.”

amy adams

A ponytail is a hair saviour for anyone who really can’t deal with their hair’s natural movement – perfect for smooth and unruly hair alike.

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