Hair Crush! Kendall Jenner’s new tousled lob

The model has had the snip

kendall jenner hair new bob lob kanye west basketball

by Ellen Kerry |

Kendall Jenner has sported the Kardashin-Jenner signature long, glossy brunette locks forever unless she’s had to go faux blonde or mock a crop for a fashion show. That’s all change now, thanks to her new, swishy lob whihc, quite frankly, we are INTO.

Kendall's got a new look!

kendall jenner hair new bob lob kanye west basketball

Kendall sent the world (read: anyone obsessed with her and her hair) into overdrive when she debuted her ‘do on Snapchat, revealing significantly shorter follicles with the most magnificent tousled ends. Was the Estee Edit babe tricking us with her snipped ends? Had she just slipped on a cheeky wig? Tbf, we weren't being paranoid. We have trust issue with Kenny thnks to her many weave plays.

Hanging with Kanye West at the basketball

kendall jenner hair new bob lob kanye west basketball

But the mod bod was apparently telling the truth because a few days Kendall was snapped with brother-in-law Kanye West at a basketball game sporting the same shaggy lob. Kendall wore a sporty mustard suit left open to flash her lacy bikini bra adding quirky specs and a red lip to finish.

Fancy getting in on Kenny’s new hair game? We spoke to Katie Allan, Creative Manager at Charles Worthington Salons, who advised, “the hair needs to layered in a subtle way which can be done by layering the hair underneath. The hair then falls naturally with movement, whilst still looking thick and lustrous. Regular trims are essential for keeping the textured ends in tip top condition.”

Here's what to ask for at the salon

kendall jenner hair new bob lob kanye west basketball

“At Charles Worthington Salons we have recently launched a new cutting technique called the ‘Cross-Shake’ that gives the ultimate in effortless. It creates bespoke texture and the signature ‘shaken’ finish, at the same time giving fullness and relaxed movement. It suits all hair types as it is a beautifully bespoke way of layering and texturising hair without leaving it thin and wispy.”

The Cross-shake cut is from £45 at any Charles Worthington Salon.

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