Why you need to know about ‘blorange’ hair right now

Yes. Please.


by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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So there hasn’t been much of 2017 yet, but it’s already shaping up to be a good’un for beauty addicts.

There has been the Beauty and the Beast inspired nail varnishes, an entire range of rainbow coloured lipsticks from MAC, and the hair pros have been giving us some proper good tips on how to keep our hair looking hawt even when it’s freezing cold.

And if you didn’t manage to get your hands of Kylie Jenner’s peach eyeshadow palette before it completely sold out, fear not.

Because you might not be able to make your eyes a sultry peach, but you CAN make your hair a splendid orangey colour, thanks to the gorgeous new trend taking over Instagram known as ‘blorange’.

Yes, it does sound a little bit like a cough sweet, but trust us – you’re going to be booking an appointment at the hairdressers asap.

Blorange is a really nice mix of blonde and orange hues (duh), and the amazing thing about it is that everyone’s looks different.

You can really make this look your own by choosing how much of each colour you want, and it’s so versatile that it works on pretty much everyone.

It’s this year’s equivalent of the rose gold hair trend (which, TBF, we don’t think we’ll ever not love), and everyone is keen to show off their beauts tresses on social media.

Georgia May Jagger hopped on board and proved that she knows what she is doing with her subtle shade and shaggy locks.

How nice does that look?

The best part is that if you want a subtler colour, all you’ve got to do is give your hair a few extra washes for a perfectly cool shade.

So take the plunge and let your hair do the talking this winter.

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