Need a trim but don’t want to lose length? Try ‘hair dusting’

We wannit.


by Jadie Troy-Pryde |

It's winter. It's cold. The weather is completely ruining our hair and giving us more split ends than that terrifying broom from Fantasia.

Of course, there are ways to look after your tresses in the cold weather.

But a lot of the time we just have to face the facts.

Thanks to 2016's obsession with pastel hues, our strands may or may not have been slightly frazzled by the bleach.

As much as conditioning treatments like Olaplex can really help dried out and over-dyed hair, there's no escaping that split ends need to get gone.

And this year's obsession with gorgeous blorange tones isn't going to help.

But we have some good news for all of you bleach-loving babes.

A new haircutting technique means that you DON'T have to go for a big old chop whenever your ends are in dire condition.

Cue hair dusting.

The innovative way to trim off split or dead ends allows you to keep your length while delicately removing the bad bits at the bottom.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? But welcome to the future, baby.

"Hair dusting is a technique in which you don’t get rid of any hair length, but only the damaged hair tips," L.A hairstylist, Sal Salcedo told Refinery29.

"This can be done by snipping the very bottom of each hair strand."


It works in a similar way that you would remove those annoying bits of fuzz from clothes without snipping off the entire thread.

So why aren't hairdressers advertising this literally Godsent gift?

Well, it takes way too long. As you can imagine, catching every split hair strand would take bloody ages.

According to Sal: " It's more of a grooming technique, rather than an overall haircut."

Either way, we're convinced.

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