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by Ellen Kerry |

The 4-day weekend was brilliant for so many reasons (most of them involving the pub), not least because we got to catch up on a little life admin. We weren’t the only ones getting our brows tweezed/trotters sorted/hair done, Caroline Flack took the bank holiday opportunity to change up her hair style yet again.

Caroline Flack's new hair

The ex-X Factor presenter has been working beachy blonde ombre for a while now, her graduated dye job giving us super summery vibes throughout the grim winter months. Now the sun has reappeared (yeah, it’s still biting cold) Caz has decided to cross over to the dark side and embrace a warmer feel.

Sharing her new hair 'do on Instagram

Flack’s new shade is dark chocolaty brown ending on lightened strands, making it look like the star has fast forwarded in time and grown her blonde waves out.

Not content with switching up her colour Caroline also lopped off a few inches for a really fresh feel. The petite star shared this snap of her new bob saying it’s just what she’s always wanted. We’re into Flack’s new look, the rich colour works perfectly against her bronzed skin tone.

Screw choccy eggs for Easter, sign us up for a chocolate dip dye…

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