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OK, I'm pretty sure every person who has ever had to blow dry their hair can relate that the experience isn't exactly fun.

I spend too much time dreading it, then I hate while I'm drying my hair and when I'm done it doesn't look good because honestly I just can't do it.

Like, I'm not joking - after 20 odd years - I honestly can't blow dry my hair properly on my own.

Trying to hold the brush, the hairdryer, section my hair, make sure it's moisturised at the same time is hard enough but trying to dry the back of my hair that I literally can't see? Impossible.

(I mean it's very much not because some people can do it but that's besides the point).

I usually had to ask my mum (classic, tbh) for help or I'd let it air dry which was never a good idea because it would literally shrink (my natural hair is an afro, FYI).

HOWEVER it all changed when I started looking on YouTube at different hair products and styles etc for my hair texture.

Now I had heard of hairdryer brushes before but I didn't think they'd work on my hair until I stumbled across Youtuber Chizi Duru who tried and tested the Revlon Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Stylerand guys it changed my life.


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REVLON Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Styler

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REVLON Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Styler

This 2-in-1 helps detangle and dry your hair at the same time. Saving you money, time, it's lightweight and has been designed ergonomically meaning your hand won't start aching.

First - it's a 2 in 1 hairdryer and a hair brush meaning you only need to use one hand to blow out your hair. Long gone are the days where your arms would ache and you'd want to cry because you're trying to hold the brush and the dryer at the same time.

Second - it comes with two different heat settings and a cool setting so you've got options. I actually use the highest heat with a heat protector but you don't have to.

Third - it's cheap. I mean it's not free but it'll cost you less than £50 and it's currently on sale huns.

I absolutely, 10/10 would recommend you buy this hairdryer if you struggle to dry your hair or just want to try something new.

Not only that but the hairdryer itself is very light meaning my arms no longer ache, I can dry my entire head without help (woo) and it's saved me SO much time.

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And I'm not the only person who's a big fan of this hairdryer as one Amazon user has said, "Changed my life. I can now blow dry my own hair instead of going to the hairdressers".

Someone else wrote, "As someone that has super Afro kinky hair and has broken every other hair dryer, I have to say this works and has helped a great deal".

Another left a review and said, "Bought the first one for mam who has arthritis and couldn’t manage the heavy hairdryer! Ended up ordering another three for neighbours and friends who wanted them after seeing Mam’s one. Not too noisy, lighter than a normal hairdryer with the added bonus of being a paddle brush as well."

A third commented, "Now I have 4c hair and I was really worried that the bristles would bent or break off but this thing is sturdy. It is so light weight and easy to use and it dries the hair quickly. I really thought I would end up wasting my money on this but this actually worked really well.".

One more added, "I absolutely love this brush, genuinely cant live without it. I have naturally (very) curly hair, which I have never been able to blow dry straight using a hairdryer. This changes everything!"

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