Stop everything: Selena Gomez has chopped off all her hair

Okay, so she has a cute crop now. STILL MASSIVE NEWS.

Selena Gomez

by Carl Smith |

Selena Gomez is, like, our ultimate hair idol. The way in glistens in the light. How every strand glitters in the pap pics. The fact that, despite us following her advice and buying shitloads of a certain shampoo brand, we somehow still look like we've been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Ah, life.

Well - wait for it - Selena's gone and CHOPPED OFF LOADS OF HER BARNET and chucked a pic of the makeover on Instagram.

We say 'makeover;' she's actually actually taken off a couple of inches with a really cute little crop but we think it's warranted.

Selena did the honourable thing and chucked a pic of her new 'do straight on Insta for her 118 million followers, and everyone LAPPED IT UP. Except one fan who commented: 'Wtf have you done... I can't believe you cut your beautiful hair.'

No time for that, sorry pal.

Another Selenator (are they still called that?) piped up 'I love you Selena', with others all like 'My angel my everything my life my world my reason to stay alive.'


Selena Gomez



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