Take it to the salon: Our favourite celebrity fringes

Fancy a new fringe? Here's what you need to know.


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There’s something about this time of year that means we get a bit bored with our style. Maybe it’s the end of summer. Maybe it’s waiting for all the fun party things to come into the shops, whatever it is we feel like a change and there’s no better way than with a brand new fringe. Celeb stylist at Daniel Hersheson salons, Jordan Garrett, tells us everything we need to know:

What should I think about before I get a fringe?

When a girl decides she want a fringe this is a big decision, as once it's cut it's gone, no going back! Normally it's when a girls fed up, wants a change and sick of side and middle partings wants to re invent herself. Remember hair grows and it's always good to change up your look from time to time

What’s your top tip for a new fringe?

Look at your hair line if you've got cowlick or a particular growth pattern you will need a heavier fringe You've got to wear the fringe with confidence. Own it. "Like a new dress you were saving for a big night out"

How do I decide which fringe is for me?

When deciding what sort of fringe is for you, it comes down to what sort of girl you are style wise, and taste and most importantly what sort of face shape you have! If you have a slightly rounder face shape a big bold blunt fringe isn't going to look very flattering on you! A softer fringe cut dry "with a razor, or thinners" flirting with just below the eyebrow, long enough to change the parting to have a slight break in it would be flattering.

How should I style my new fringe?

It’s got to flow with the rest of your hair In texture. If you have a dry matte finish on your roots to ends, and have a perfect glossy blow dried fringe it doesn't make sense so always blend the textures. Make sure it doesn't feel fringe and hair, just one thing.


Take it to the salon: Our fave celebrity fringes

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