Take it to the salon: Ponytails

It's time to saddle up and perfect that pony

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by Jo Hoare |
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No longer the ‘do you do when you can’t be bothered, the ponytail can now be worn anywhere, celeb stylist and Aussie haircare ambassador Liz Taw tells us how:


Take it to the salon: Ponytails

Ariana Grande1 of 9

Ariana Grande

Keep it high and sleek for a sports luxe take on the trend

Eva Longoria2 of 9

Eva Longoria

A nape of the neck version is oh so chic, add a little texture a la Eva for a more glamorous feel or keep it sleek for everyday

Iggy Azaelea3 of 9

Iggy Azaelea

The classic cheerleader pony gets a fash over -make it super sleek with lashings of serum and then wrap a section of your hair around the base to disguise the band, this is a good trick to disguise the join if you're using a piece to plump your pony too.

Jennifer Garner4 of 9

Jennifer Garner

A simple accessory can elevate a pony from so so to oh oh

Jennifer Lopez5 of 9

Jennifer Lopez

Mix up your textures, keep the top sleek then add heaps of texture into the pony for a cool contrast

Jennifer Morrison6 of 9

Jennifer Morrison

Make like a dressage pony and fancy up that tail! Wrap a band around sections an inch or so apart, backcombing and fluffing up with dry shampoo as you go.

Jessica Alba7 of 9

Jessica Alba

Bored of your everyday pony? Simply switch it to the side.

Kate Beckinsale8 of 9

Kate Beckinsale

Add a quiff to your tail for a rock chic feel

Kiernan Shipka9 of 9

Kiernan Shipka

Keep natural curls relaxed in a low side pony

What's the hottest ponytail trend for this party season? And how do we get it?

My fave ponytail for the party season is a flirty girly high ponytail. Whether it's a polished version or a messy textured look you want, take the hair up to the apex of your head (using a natural bristle brush for a sleek version or raking with your fingers for a more textured look), tilt head back to avoid underside sagging, and I find it easiest to use a bungy to secure it tight at the base. For a more professional look choose one that's a similar colour to your hair. Once the pony is secure, take a small section of hair and wrap around the elastic, securing with a small grip into the base from the underside.

What products do I need for the perfect pony?

Get the texture of your hair right before you start, so if it's a smooth polished look you want use smoothing products like Aussie frizz remedy. I love the Aussie High Hair High Shine hairspray which I spray on my brush and layer it in as I brush hair into place, and I use it to polish at the end by giving hair a light mist and using a big blusher brush to smooth away flyaways. For the more casual pony I love using Aussie's Aussome Volume Dry Shampoo, before spraying t hairspray on my fingers and racking the hair up into the pony.

How do we get a bump free ponytail?

Using a natural bristle brush or for thick hair a brush that has both natural bristle and the firmer synthetic teeth will get all the way through and polish at the same time. Also brush hair at the angle you want the pony base with one hand using the other hand to hold the hair tight a few centimetres away from the base. Then grab it tight at the base when you're happy with the height. I find using a bungie much easier to secure the perfect pony.

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