10 of the best false eyelashes for your next night out

Lets be honest, lashes make everything better

false eyelashes

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

There's quite literally nothing better than when you're having a good lash day.

It could be raining and you have no umbrella, your favourite Netflix show could be cancelled but if your lashes are on fleek then seriously, who cares?

When you're heading on a night out false eyelashes are an absolute must, tbh.

We know it can be stressful trying to apply them - don't worry we've got an eyelash starter kit below - but they really do make your eye make-up game go from zero to 100.

So we've hand picked the best false eyelashes for a night out with your man, the girls or on your own if you're brave...

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Not sure how to apply false eyelashes? Well, Kim Kardashian-West's make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic has revealed his best tip for applying false eyelashes and honestly - it's a game changer.

"When you’re learning to apply them on yourself, especially if you don’t have a steady hand, rest your elbow on some surface in front of you, like a desk.

"It makes a world of a difference," he told People.

And if that's not enough then Kylie Jenner's make-up artist has revealed his top tips for creating the ultimate glam false eyelash look.

If you've ever seen Kylie's make-up (who hasn't, tbh) then you'll know her make-up artist Ariel Tejada can slay anyone's face and he's actually revealed his secret to applying lashes.

"An easy way of going for a first-timer [is] an accent lash," he told Vogue.

He went on to say, "It’s simply a corner lash and you place it at the corner of your eye. It makes it a lot easier because it’s not a full strip, so it doesn’t have to wrap around the whole eye,"

After confirming that you need to practice putting on your lashes, he concluded, "it [makes it] a lot simpler to put on."

Brb, we're about to watch a gazillion eyelash tutorials...

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