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Beauty junkies, rejoice: the heat team have searched high and low in order to share the deets on the most innovative beauty products coming your way this year. From a colour-changing lippy to a winged eyeliner stamp, we've whipped up a round-up of the things you need to keep on your radar...

The mascara that doesn't dry out

rimmel volume shaker mascara

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara, £8.99.Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara, £8.99.

If you've ever fallen victim to a dried-out mascara, then you'll know that it's annoying as HELL. But don't fret, because Rimmel have launched an ingenious mascara that will basically never dry up. How, you ask? It's all thanks to a special patent-pending ‘shaker’ technology - when you shake the mascara, the wax and oil formula is instantly remixed into a smooth liquid, which will leave you with clump-free lashes. PRAISE THE MASCARA GODS.

The cheat's guide to cat eyes

vamp stamp eyeliner liquid

VaVaVoom Stamp by The Vamp Stamp, £22.50 at Cultbeauty.co.uk.VaVaVoom Stamp by The Vamp Stamp, £22.50 at Cultbeauty.co.uk.

Get your fleek on with an eyeliner stamp that takes all of the pain out of creating the perfect winged liner look. The Vamp Stamp is essentially a rubber stamp, which you soak in either gel or liquid liner, before stamping it near the outer corner of your eye to create a wing. Then, you simply fill in the rest of your liner by hand - easy peasy!

The colour changing lipstick

yellow lipstick queen mornin sunshine

Mornin' Sunshine by Lipstick Queen, £22.Mornin' Sunshine by Lipstick Queen, £22.

Yep, we know that you're thinking 'WTF?', because on initial inspection, this is a yellow lipstick. But trust us: this lippy does something pretty amazing. Once applied to the lips, it works with your PH to transform into a flattering, peachy coral shade that's unique to you. Pure genius.

The hair primer

hair primer

VO5 Express Primer Spray, £4.39.VO5 Express Primer Spray, £4.39.

Just like you'd use a primer in your makeup routine, you should use one when styling your hair, too! This VO5 one helps to lubricate your hair, lock in moisture, reduce friction and protect your hair against heat damage. YAAASSS.

The holographic primer

Wunder2 beauty products primer

WUNDER2 Prime & Behold, £17.95.WUNDER2 Prime & Behold, £17.95.

Is there anything better than a waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof eye and lip primer? Yep - one that's also HOLOGRAPHIC. The new WUNDER2 Prime & Behold primer is perf for upcoming festival season, as it'll lock any colour pigment to your skin for up to 24 hours, and leave you with a gorgeous iridescent finish. Dreaaaamy.

The acne-fighting sunscreen

avene spf50 spots sunscreen

Avene Cleanance Soleil SPF50, £16.Avene Cleanance Soleil SPF50, £16.

Prone to spots? Then we bet that you absolutely loathe applying greasy sunscreen to your face (we know we do!). Gals, you need to get your mitts on the new Acene Cleanance Soleil SPF50, which is the only SPF on the market that's proven to fight blemishes as it protects your skin from the sun. How? It contains a key ingredient called Monolaurin that prevents the production of sebum (SEEYA SPOTS).

The new way to shower

vitaclean shower beauty product

Vitaclean HQ, Vitamin C Filtered Shower Head + Citrus Filter, £59.99Vitaclean HQ, Vitamin C Filtered Shower Head + Citrus Filter, £59.99

Did you know that dandruff, dry skin and rough hair could be caused by showering with hard water? We know, it sucks. But fret not, because Vitaclean HQ have come up with a marvellous invention: a vitamin c filtered shower head that helps to heal dry skin and hair, boost your immune system, remove 98% of residual chlorine from your shower water and even reduce stress. BRB, we're just off to buy this in bulk.

The easy-peasy blusher

mai couture blusher beautymart

Mai Couture Blush Papier, £12.50 from Asos.Mai Couture Blush Papier, £12.50 from Asos.

If there's one thing you need in your festival bag it's this powder-infused blush tissue paper. Yes people, BLUSH TISSUE PAPER. Because why bother packing brushes and sponges when you can literally swipe colour onto your cheeks?

The spray-on moisturiser

aldi spray on moisture

Lacura Spray On Moisturiser, £1.99 from Aldi.

Going on holiday? Then pick up one of Aldi's super cheap spray-on moisturisers, which will leave your skin feeling velvety soft and oh-so-smooth. It's time to get your legs out, gals!


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