Jess Woodley talks us through her makeup essentials, Instagram top-tips and life after Made in Chelsea

Basically, it's all about the bold red lip.

Jess Woodley

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Summer's fast approaching, and we're not sure about you guys, but here at heat hq we're having a bit of a nervy b about how to give our usual (non-existent) makeup look a bit of a summer spruce up.

Ideally, we're imagining transforming into a sun-kissed goddess, with skin so dewy and highlight so bright we could guide a plan to landing with just a coy nod of the head. However, IRL, there's usually more of a bronzer-related fiasco and the annual swap to waterproof (sweatproof) mascara.

Luckily, this summer former Made in Chelsea star Jess Woodley is here to help. She's teamed with Rimmel to create a London Looks capsule collection providing a few key essentials to update our makeup bags.

We recently met up with Jess to chat about all things beauty, her very aesthetically pleasing Instagram account and life after leaving MIC.

This is what she had to say.

How would you sum up your makeup look?

Jess Woodley Rimmel
Rooftop Vibes: Lasting Finish Lipstick in Heart Breaker, Super Gel Nail Polish in Rooftop Vibes

My look is quite natural. But then I do always tend to have a red lipstick on me. No matter what I have a red lipstick in my pocket. So, I guess you'd say casual, quite fresh but with a bold lip on hand.

What's your daily beauty regime like?

I wake up in the morning and I have this really nice exfoliator. I don't know if you should exfoliate every morning, but I do because I'm always around London and it can get quite dirty, so I exfoliate because I just love my skin feeling fresh.

Then I use Aloe Vera, and then I use foundation. It's always usually quite natural. I'll wear mascara, eyebrow gel and I do love a lip liner. But I always try and keep it as natural as I can.

Lip liner's a bit of a must-have. You can go a bit higher and accentuate your lips and it just makes them a little bit plumper but still quite natural.

Jess Woodley Rimmel
Shameless Selfie: Lasting Finish Lipstick in Heather Shimmer, Super Gel Nail Polish in Shameless Selfie

Obviously, this collection is all about London looks this. What does a London girl need in her makeup bag?

There are a few must haves. Definitely a red lipstick and a lip liner. You need to have an eyebrow gel. I love the Rimmel London Brow This Way with argan oil. It's really, really good for your eye brows. It makes them look super healthy.

What's your favourite product from your Rimmel capsule collection?

I'd say the Out Out Red Lipstick. I love the whole look and I've finally got to do a red. The name's great too.

Jess Woodley Rimmel
Out Out: Lasting Finish Lipstick in Alarm, Super Gel Nail Polish in Out Out

OK, let's talk summer. What would you do to change up your makeup look for a festival?

I think I'd use a lot of eye shadow. I'm really into colourful eye shadow at the moment. I've also started using the Kate Sculpting Kit. Before I didn't really know how to do it, but now I use that and I think it's definitely a key summer product.

I'm not very good at contouring. The only one I can use is that one because it's light and I'm not equipped in the whole contouring trend, unfortunately.

What do you think about the glitter trend?

I quite like it. I don't think it’s going to go anywhere any time soon. I love the glitter on the face look, I think it's really pretty. It’s like highlight but extreme.

I think festivals are great for like different makeup on different days. You can be really creative and just do whatever you want.

Jess Woodley Rimmel
Primrose Chills: Lasting Finish Lipstick in Nude Pink, Super Gel Nail Polish in Primrose Chill*

Instagram's obviously, a useful tool for makeup inspiration what do you think about all the trends taking off on there. Have you seen the bloggers using condoms as beauty blenders?

Instagram's great. I mean it's serious but people shouldn’t take it so seriously, it's a great platform to experiment with and try fun things, so yeah, I applaud anyone trying things out on there. But I mean obviously, that's quite a bold one.

Your Instagram looks great. Do you put a lot of effort in? Do you have a particular theme?

No. If I like a photo or I like where I am or what I'm doing then I'll just do it. I don't actually have a theme at all.

I genuinely promise you, that's an accident. I don't have a theme at all. My friends are like 'Jess, you take way too much pride in your Instagram,' and I'm just like 'No, I swear mate it actually just looks like that'.

But I do take pride in Instagram. It's part of my job!

Do you have a favourite filter?

I don't use filters (#nofilter) but I always put up the sharpness to 29.

Not 30 because that would be too much, but 29 is just right. And sometimes I add a bit of colour. Change it to more of a pink hue.

Have you ever had any makeup disasters?

When I was younger. It was kind of cool but I tried to channel Avril Lavigne for a while and when I look back at the photos I'm like what is that. It was very intense.

And then I was about 16/17 I went through a massive identity crisis and was covered head-to-toe in fake tan. I was a real little orange blob.

I had to un-tag like 200 photos recently.

Jess Woodley
Gig Night: Lasting Finish Lipstick in Starry-Eyed, Super Gel Nail Polish in Gig Night

Would you use fake tan now?

You know what, I think fake tan is great. Personally, I like a real tan.

Don't we all Jess, hun. Are you off on holiday anywhere soon?

My parents work in aviation so that's why I'm always jetting around. I'll try and go away once a month.

Being an influencer, people respond so much better to Instagram posts when you’re abroad which is great for me.

Speaking of influencers and Instagrammers, is there anyone you think we should keep an eye out for?

Lottie Moss [Kate Moss' half sister]. Look out for her, she's dangerous. She's going to be big. She's a really, humble and cool person.

What about when you were in Made In Chelsea, did you have much say in the makeup you wore?

I didn’t really do much. I basically would sometimes use a bit of red lipstick, a bit of powder and always an eye brow gel. But I was pretty tame on the make up front. I kept everything quite natural and nude. I felt like if you put too much on, it would look like you really caked it on.

Do you still keep in contact with from the show?

I see Toff [Georgia Toffolo] and Mytts [Alex Mytton], I talk to them every day. They'll be friends of mine for life.

Do you regret anything from the show?

Not at all. I love it. I love watching it, I'm kind of obsessed with it. Especially now I'm not in it.

What's your best memory from your time on the show?

I'd probably say meeting Toff. Easily.

The London Looks by Jess capsule collection is available in stores and online now. There are five different looks pairing Lasting Finish lipsticks with Super Gel nail polishes

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