Kylie Jenner launches lip glosses. They sell out immediately

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by Ellen Kerry |

Her sisters have made their mark in the world using their own signature talents/assets so it makes sense that Kylie Jenner has done exactly that using her pout. The 18-year-old's Lip Kits By Kylie sets have sold out every single time she has restocked them. Now the brunette has added a line of glosses. Which have proved just as popular with her army of fans.

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

The original Lip Kits consist of a lip liner to boost the shape of your lips and a matchy liquid colour which dries matte and gives the wearer lips just like Kylie's. Sans fillers, of course. Jenner has built her matte collection to a whopping 8 shades using her siblings as inspo. Her older sissy Kourtney's shade (Kourt K) is a deep goth purple while Khloe's (Koko K) is a pretty, plump pink.

Now Kylie has taken her pout domination to the next level by introducing 3 new glosses which all go on and stay super shiny. The shades are called Like, Literally and So Cute. Which is in itself like, literally so cute, right? The glosses are priced $15 each (you can bag all 3 for $45), cheaper than $29 matte kits.

Kylie goes glossy!

Kyles also stars in an ad for the glosses we she and her 3 hot gal pals do some robbery whilst pouting with their mega glossy lips. The fact that she's wearing a Louis Vuitton bandana has not escaped our attention #badass.

When the glosses were launched on 1st April they sold out immediately, as did any restocks of the matte lip kits. Meaning Kylie Jenner is rolling even deeper than before without even having to do any robberies.

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