MAC’s new “pizza cutter” eyeliner looks AMAZING



by Helena Cartwright |
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MAC is spoiling us right now.

Make up artists backstage at NYFW are spotting some of MACs latest releases and are putting them on Instagram for us all to gaze at.

We have seen these new metallic lipsticks, which are pure shimmery goodness.

Then there were these extra dimension strobe blushes, which look super pigmented and SO dreamy.

Now, we have discovered this new eyeliner.

But, it’s not just any eyeliner.

You apply it, just like you would use a pizza cutter.


Makeup Artist Michael Patterson is working with MAC at NYFW and he put a boomerang on his Instagram of the new eyeliner.

Yep, that’s right. It’s a roller wheel liquid liner that literally works in the same way as a pizza cutter.


Judging by another picture, there are three colours available – a matte black, a patent version and a matte brown.

To keep us going until their release, we have this AMAZING Beauty and the Beast collaboration with L'Oréal.

Just look at the amaaazing packaging, let alone the actual products.

With a colour coordinating to each character in the upcoming film, you'll have a hard time choosing which to go for.

We have also just seen the release of this new lipstick collection from Hourglass, in an impressive 20 shades.

Each shade stands for a different quality, like activist, lover and warrior.


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