You can buy an actual Mean Girls Burn Book and it’s SO fetch

But none for Gretchen Weiners, obvs.

Mean Girls sequel

by Ruby Norris |
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We'd be lying if we said Mean Girls wasn't absolutely pivotal in our journey into adulthood.

It taught us a number of valuable life lessons, from never dumbing ourselves down to get the guy (October 3rd, anyone?), to the importance of co-ordinating outfit choices with your inner-circle. In fact, the heat office has transformed into a sea of pink every Wednesday since 2004. True story.

mean girls 2

We also learnt that if you're going to document a series of slanderous and just down-right mean anecdotes about everyone in your life (we recommend you don't, tbh) it will probably come out. There will be social anarchy, and it will all end in tears – or Regina George being hit by a bus.

The Burn Book was the stuff of actual nightmares but now, thanks to makeup brand Spectrum's Mean Girls collection, it's had a bit of a reinvention.

Burn Book

The bitchy book is now filled with sugar and spice and all things nice. Kind of.

It holds a range of super cute pink makeup brushes and we're desperate to get our hands on it.

At the moment, the collection includes a 10-piece brush set (£49.99), a 10-piece brush set with the Burn Book (£79.99) and a full-size Burn Book able to hold up to 40 bushes (£49.99, brushes not included.

Burn Book

The collection is launching on 30th August, with ore products thought to be following.


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