Nail it for the weekend! A step-by-step guide to Claire’s Halloween skull mani

With Halloween just a week away, it's time to get your spooky mani on


by Hannah Brimson |
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Don't fancy going all out for Halloween? Abby Barton has created this cute pastel skull mani for Claire's. And now you can do it too!


Nail it for the weekend! A step-by-step guide to Claire's Halloween skull mani

Step Three1 of 5

Step Three

"Use a dotting tool to paint black eyes onto the bottom of each nail. When this is dry, add a smaller spot of white polish in the centre of each black dot."

Step One2 of 5

Step One

"Paint a clear base coat over each nail"

Step Two3 of 5

Step Two

"Paint two coats of a different pastel polish on each nail."

Step Four4 of 5

Step Four

"Using black polish and a nail art brush, draw on a mouth using a long horizontal dash and small vertical dashes."

Step Five5 of 5

Step Five

"Add a shiny top coat and you're done!"

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