Poundland party makeup: Tried and tested

At just a pound each the Make Up Gallery range is seriously tempting...should you part with your cash?

poundland lipsticks

by Jo Hoare |
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Are you skint yet this month? Us us too which is why when Poundland's party beauty offerings landed on our desks we thought they were definitely worth a whirl. We tried six of the most dancefloor appropriate pieces with mixed results. Here's what to chuck a quid at and what to steer well clear of

Plump up the volume volumising mascara

The instructions say apply generously and they’re right- after two coats I can’t see much difference to my lashes at all but then after three (despite careful wiggling from side to side of the brush to encourage separation) they suddenly clump into spiders legs. It also made my eyes water a little and quickly transferred onto my eyelid

Should I buy it: NO

Never-Ending Story Lengthening mascara

Much better than the volumising one. Won’t add masses of length but for an everyday natural looking mascara it does a perfectly good job. Nice glossy black finish , ok staying power and non irritating.

Should I buy it: YES

Quick Dry Nail Colour in Rainbow Sparkle

Does exactly what it says on the tin and quick dries! Even with multiple layers. Like all glitter polishes you’ll need to daub it on rather than paint if you want more than a few flecks but we couldn’t see much difference between using these and other far more expensive glitter topcoats. Doesn’t last for ages but then you’ll prob won’t want it to.

Should I buy it: YES

Good to Glow Matte Bronzer

We thought this was going to be orange but it wasn’t. It actually wasn’t anything. Even on very pale skin hardly any colour showed up at all and multiple layers didn’t make much difference.

**Should I buy it: NO **

Pro liquid eyeliner

Nice glossy black finish and a really easy to use brush. A great first buy for anyone who hasn’t experimented with liquid liner before. A tiny bit irritating on very sensitive eyes though so be careful if you fall into that category.

Should I buy it: YES (if you don’t have really sensitive eyes)

Colour moisture lipstick

It feels nice on the lips and gives a nice glossy finish, the pigment pay off isn’t great though, gives more of a lip stain effect than a dense colour but if you’re after a fashion colour for a night out rather than one you want to wear everyday it’s well worth it

Should I buy it: YES

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