Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection is coming VERY soon

And we're soooooo excited

Rihanna Fenty Beauty

by Ruby Norris |

Rihanna is definitely up there with the top five celebrities we'd happily sell our soul to look like. Even if it was just for twenty minutes, as long as we got enough time to snap a fire Instagram post, we'd be over the moon.

And now it looks like we're one step closer to realising our dreams (kinda) of bagging ourselves @BadgalRiRi's sassy AF look. And it involves absolutely zero cosmetic surgery, which is always a plus.


Rihanna is launching a cosmetics collection! Goodbye house deposit, 'cos we're just about ready to spend our life's savings on it.

Taking to Instagram she announced Fenty Beauty will be launching globally on 8th September. Although, for a brief but terrifying moment, when we saw the collection would be stocked in Sephora stores, we thought us Brits wouldn’t actually be able to get our hands on it as easily as we’d hoped.

Alas, mega babe Rihanna totally came through and is bringing her beauty range to the UK thanks to department store Harvey Nicholls.

She wrote: "@FentyBeauty is coming!!!! Countdown to September. 8. 2017 starts now. #FENTYBeauty makeup will be available globally at @sephora and @harveynichols Link us at FentyBeauty.com"

The internet has reacted accordingly to this very exciting beauty news:

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