Squiggle brows are the new trend taking over Instagram and we’re kinda on board

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squiggle brows

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We always like to stay ahead of the curve here at heat (not really, we're still very much rocking the same look we debuted in 2004) so when we see a new beauty trend taking over Instagram we absolutely have to get involved.

However, despite us being trendsetting pioneers in all things fashion and beauty (again, this is a lie) the latest eyebrow craze may just be a bit too much, even for us.

Basically, 'squiggle brows' are now a thing so you can absolutely wave goodbye to those perfect geometric arches you've been rocking for the last couple of years and invest in a new set of squiggly stencils.

The trend started to gain some traction after makeup artist Jessica Broderson showcased a subtle little wave detail on her Instagram.

squiggle brows

And then other MUAs took it to a whole new level.

Some of them look creepy af, but in a good way – if you know what we mean?

Here's how you can try it out for yourself:

BRB, we're off to transform into a magical, squiggle-browed mermaid for our weekend look. If you're not into it, you're probs not wavy enough for us…

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