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by Ellen Kerry |

Going into summer with pale wintery skin is alright for some but most of us like to boost our look with a little fake tan. The main problem is, fake tanning at home can be a potentially disastrous thing. As well as covering your bedroom in the stuff, there's a huge chance your new glow will end up patchy, streaky and all kinds of wrong due to incorrect application.

Luckily, we've got the best tips on how to achieve an A-list tan, thanks to Fake Bake's Global Consultant Sandra Vaughan.

Here's how to fake tan like a pro

Step 1

If you need to wax, shave, have a mani or pedi or even colour your hair make sure this is done 24 hours prior to tanning as all of these will remove your self -tan.

Step 2

The better condition your skin is in the longer your tan will last and the better it will look so preparation to the perfect tan is key. If you do not regularly exfoliate then we recommend double buffing, which is...

Day 1 - Apply your exfoliator (Fake Bake Passionfruit Body Polish £10) to dry skin and use a wash cloth to wash off for a deep exfoliation, pat your skin dry and apply a heavy oil free moisturiser to soak into your skin.

Day 2 - Shower with your exfoliator to remove any residue of the moisturiser and pat your skin dry. Apply oil free moisturiser.

If you do exfoliate regularly we would suggest you do this on the day prior to tanning.

Top tip: We recommending using an exfoliating brush with a long handle to allow you to do your back

Step 3

Apply an OIL FREE moisturiser (Fake Bake Oil Free Moisturiser £10) on the particularly dry areas of the body prior to tanning it helps to even out your self-tanner and your product will not grab to these areas and make them too dark.

Top tip: ALWAYS wear gloves to stop your tan developing on the palms of your hand.

Step 4

Choose a product that suits your skin type and tone, if you are tanning at home refer to the bottle for reference, if you are having a tan applied professionally please make sure you advise the consultant on how dark you would like your tan to be.

For mousse (Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse Fake Tan £22) and lotions (Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid £24.95) place some product on the back of one glove, using the opposite hand to apply the products to your skin. Starting at the feet apply your products in small circular motions and work your way up the body never using too much product at any one time. If you are using a liquid or spray apply the product in long sweeping motions taking time to use a mitt to blend in between strokes.

For perfect hands when using a lotion or mousse remove your gloves on both hands and apply a small amount of product directly on to the back of your hands and blend the product with the back of your other hand. For liquid blend your product over the back of both of your hands using your mitt (Fake Bake Mitt £4).

Top tip: You can make use of your back exfoliator by covering it with a mitt and a hair band to tan your back.

For face apply a small amount of self-tan in circular motions making sure you work the tan into the hair line but not onto the hair

Top Tip: Never brush your teeth afterwards or the toothpaste will remove the tan around the mouth.

Step 5

Allow to dry thoroughly before putting on any tight fitting clothing also avoid sleepwear with cuffs, as your tan develops overnight this can cause uneven development.

Got that? Great. Now, off you glow to apply tan perfectly to your heart's content!

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