Science says wearing makeup during exams will give you better grades

Highlighters at the ready! (No not that kind...)

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by Erin Cook |
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Disclaimer: We are skeptical about the following news.

According to a recent study by Cogent Psychology, wearing makeup during an exam can make your actual grades higher.

At first glance, these findings seem completely and utterly ridiculous. How could a bit of foundation, a dash of mascara and a sweep of highlighter actually make you smarter?! Someone tell us pleaaaase.


So there is some logic to it...

The findings are based on a study of 186 female undergraduates who were all asked to partake in a simulated examination. Some were asked to wear cosmetics while others were asked to turn up sans makeup. Researchers found that women wearing makeup performed 10-20% higher than those without.

Previous studies have found that high levels of self-esteem can lead to better academic results. The logic behind Cogent Psychology’s most recent research is that wearing makeup can make students feel more glamorous and therefore enhance self-esteem.

Now it's making sense.

So, the takeaway? If you haven’t studied for your upcoming exam, do yourself a favour get browsing on Sephora!*

*Just kidding.

This article originally appeared in Cosmo AU


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