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It seems like the best way to find out about the next big beauty thing is through word of mouth. Yeah, someone may have originally seen it on Instagram, but don't you find that you tend to hear about the best bits from your pals?

WELL, we here at heatworld like to think of ourselves as something like an online acquaintance for our readers - and boy, do we have some FAB things to show ya. Scroll through our collection of weird and wonderful beauty bits and bobs, and thank us later. 💁

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Barry M Lid Lock Eyeshadow Primer1 of 9

Barry M Lid Lock Eyeshadow Primer

If you're not a semi-professional makeup artist, applying eyeshadow can be an absolute nightmare. The powder falls all over your face, you put too much of one colour in the wrong place and don't even get us STARTED on blending. Thankfully, Barry M's Lid Lock primer is like a less-expensive version of Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion, and works just as well. It's not as easy to apply, we'll be honest, but it does the job!

Maybelline Snapscara Mascara2 of 9
CREDIT: Maybelline

Maybelline Snapscara Mascara

Maybelline's Snapscara Mascara might not be the easiest thing in the world to actually say aloud, but it's definitely one of the easiest mascaras to apply that we've ever used. FINALLY - a mascara that delivers on the clump-free promise, thanks to the gel formula, and glides on super easy. Gone are the days of a six-times brushed lashline. Also, as someone who has sensitive eyes and ends up itching mascara off normally, this one does nothing of the sort. Obvs, we can't guarantee it'll be the same for everyone, but food for thought!

Eylure Pro Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash System - Faux Mink Wispy3 of 9
CREDIT: u00a9 Boots

Eylure Pro Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash System - Faux Mink Wispy

Behold - a way to have lovely, luscious lashes without having to faff with glue. For some of us, false lashes are just so fiddly that it's not worth the hassle, but Eylure have just solved all our problems. Although they brought out magnetic eyelashes earlier in 2019, they've now created a magnetic eyeliner which is SO much easier than anything else. Swipe a couple of layers of the magnetic eyeliner onto your eye, let it dry, and simply pop the lashes on. It couldn't be easier! They even last up to 15 wears and are just £19.95. Minds =

Design.ME Hair Hold.ME Hairspray4 of 9
CREDIT: Design.ME Hair

Design.ME Hair Hold.ME Hairspray

Unless you were born with that elusive type of hair that just seems to magically do whatever you want AND stay like that, you'll need a little hairspray from time to time. But doesn't it get so annoying having to have more than one type of hairspray? You might only want light hold one day. The week after you might need a strong hold. And what about when you gather all your makeup bits to get ready at your mates for a night out? It's not exactly space-saving to have three different types of hairspray. Thankfully, Design.ME have come up with an ingenious invention that we can't believe has never been a thing before - their hairspray comes with an adjustable dial to change the level of hold that you need.

Seche Vite Professional Top Coat5 of 9
CREDIT: Amazon

Seche Vite Professional Top Coat

With most beauty products, you can pretty much definitely get ready in a hurry. But not when it comes to nails! If you're short on time and want to change up your nail colour, it's nigh on impossible to do without smudging it whilst waiting for it to dry... Enter Seche Vite! This incredible invention means that you can put your nail colour on as normal, then a few drops of this and voilà - it's miraculously dry! Don't ask us how it works - all we know is that it does work!

Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops6 of 9

Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops

We're all for finding skincare and beauty products that are as good for your skin as possible. We practically turn our noses up at things made of loads of chemicals - so Barry M's brand new Unicorn Drops primer is right up our street, being made out of fruit and not much else. It smells delicious, makes your makeup last longer AND it's good for your skin on account of all the superfood ingredients. No-brainer

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer7 of 9
CREDIT: Maybelline

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

We're sure you'll have seen this brand new toy all over your Insta recently, but it really is worth mentioning on our list. There are a lot of concealers out there where you twist to get the product out, but it's so difficult to control how much actually comes out. With Maybelline's Eraser Eye Concealer, the sponge spreads the product out under your eye with each pat. The consistency rubs right in without irritating the sensitive skin under your eyes - AND it stays all day. What more could you want?!

The Face Halo8 of 9
CREDIT: Face Halo

The Face Halo

We know it sounds sceptical as hell, but this little sponge is able to take all your makeup of using just water. Seriously. We're not sure how this witchcraft works entirely, but we tried it out for ourselves - and have been stunned by the results. Big night out makeup came off in just a few wipes, and it can even tackle mascara. It may sound like we're doing an #ad, but we've been quite frankly stunned by this glorious bit of cloth. Plus: not using makeup wipes and the like will seriously help your skin. Best of all? It's only £7, and you can shove it in the wash when you're done.

Benefit's Roller Liner9 of 9
CREDIT: Benefit

Benefit's Roller Liner

Fans of a black wing above the eye will know the monumental difficulty of not only getting the perfect width, length and shape - but also recreating the EXACT SAME flick on the second eye. Some people favour the ole' back-of-the-spoon trick, some prefer stamps - but Benefit have just created the Roller Liner to solve all our needs with one product. This eyeliner, which comes in both black and brown, is the perfect tool to create that flick some of us crave, as the formula gives a solid black, matte line every single time. You can also get a good shape by printing the tip of the eyeliner away from your eye and drawing backwards towards it. It's FOOLPROOF.

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