YouTubers are using FOOD as makeup and the results are surprising


YouTubers using food to apply makeup

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While people like Chloe Morello and Lauren Curtis could probs apply a ~flawless~ cat eye in the dark with one hand tied behind their back, here we are attempting to apply liquid eyeliner while praying we don’t look like a panda that hasn’t slept in two weeks.

Well, not content with being way more skilled with a makeup brush than us normies, some beauty gurus have taken things next level and started applying their makeup with food.

Yes, you read that right.

We’ll leave this one to the pros, ‘cos y’know, we’d rather eat food.

Check out YouTubers and their mad skills below.

YouTubers using food to apply makeup


Lily Lowe

Woah. Lily uses food like cocoa power, canola oil and peanut butter to create eyebrow powder, as well as blueberries for eye shadow! Talent, pure talent.

Saffron Barker

Saffron didn’t have as much luck as some of the other gurus on here, but it’s totally entertaining to watch (we defs don’t envy cleaning that mess up afterwards, though.)

Promise Tamag Phan

Promise is a total wizard when it comes to makeup tutorials, so of course only she could make peanut butter foundation and coffee eyebrow powder work.

Ms Yeah

Using food like cocoa butter and tomato sauce, Ms Yeah makes using your dinner condiments for makeup look surprisingly normal.

Natalie's Outlet

Things start off pretty smoothly for Natalie - that is until she tries out the 'foundation', and later ends up with a berry in her eye while trying to use it as eye shadow.

This article originally appeared on j-14.

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