Best adverts from the Super Bowl 2015

Here are some of the weirdest, funniest and most bizarre adverts from the Super Bowl 2015...


by Laurence Mozafari |
Published on

The Super Bowl is important for lots of reasons. For starters, you get the likes of Katy Perry dancing on a massive golden tiger, and you also get an excuse to stay up late and eat loads of American snacks. But Super Bowl Sunday also means SUPER ADVERTS, because the ad breaks between the actual sport bit are pretty pricey - about $3 million dollars for thirty-seconds - so they have to be quite good, don't they?

Well, sometimes they are. But sometimes, they're just a bit bizarre. How bizarre? Well, try murderous, Hollywood hard bastard, Danny Trejo threatening a rampage while hanging out with the Brady Bunch. Yep, that weird. So to celebrate heat's Laurence played a little game of "guess the advert" on Eloise Carr's radio show...

The one with Danny Trejo pretending to be a little girl

The most erotic burger advert ever

The one where they don't know what the internet is

And the one that almost made us do a cry...

The one where Liam Neeson does that thing he does in Taken

The one where Kim Kardashian is actually pretty funny

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