Calvin Harris reveals he’s still banned from the X Factor and he’s not had a mars bar since 2004!

heat radio's Sarah hung out with Calvin Harris and John Newman to talk Jedward pineapple gate and their new single Blame


by Talia Kraines |
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Calvin Harris has just had a big, huge, massive #1 with Blame, a song that as Calvin is fond of doing, makes you want to pump your fist up and down while dancing round in glitter.

He came in for a chinwag with heat radio's Sarah Powell and showed up with an unexpected guest - singer, and indeed writer of Blame - Mr John Newman. As questions about Rita were off limits, Sarah confusingly set about trying to team Calvin up in a romantic fashion with John himself. It was weird, but we think you'll enjoy listening to the awkward silence.

Plus we don't let things like Calvin being the highest paid DJ in the world bother us. To us he's always our mate Sam's little DJ friend who we hung out with in a pub backstage at Bestival one year while being harassed by a man in a gimp mask. This means the only thing we really wanted to talk about was the Jedward pineapple moment - basically Calvin's career highlight to date. Forget money, #1 singles, it's all about his time spent on stage holding a pineapple and getting banned from X Factor.

Spoiler: he's still banned!

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