Charlotte Crosby talks fitness and Scotty T with Sarah Powell!

What she doesn't know about blitzing bums isn't worth knowing

Charlotte Crosby speaks to Sarah Powell for heat Radio

by heatworld |

One of our favourite people in the world is Charlotte Crosby - we always have a blast when she comes in to see us at heat Radio.

She's on a mission to sort out not just your belly, but your posterior as well with her new *3 Minute Bum Blitz *DVD. She dropped by to tell our Sarah Powell all about it, including how she definitely wasn't dieting over Christmas, went out for New Year for the first time ever and HATES squats. We hear you Char.

She also had some tips for Scotty T from her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house - find out what they are by watching their full chat now!

Listen to Sarah Powell, weekdays from 4PM on heat Radio.

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