12 reasons the UK is better at Christmas than the USA

They may do it bigger but we do it better

Mince pies

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Americans like to do things big, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year's, but in our opinion they certainly don’t do Christmas as well as us Brits. When it comes to all our favourite bits about the festive season, we DEFINITELY have it sorted - from the annual trip to the panto, to the delicious mince pies and pigs in blankets. There's no denying it that we do Christmas better this side of the Atlantic.

Here are 12 reasons why the UK is best when it comes to Christmas:


Christmas UK vs USA

Panto season1 of 12
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1. Panto season

"Oh no it isn't! … Oh Yes it is!" Pantomime season comes along every year in Britain around mid-November until the beginning of January. No matter which part of the country you live in, you can guarantee your local theatre will be showing a version of a well-known children's fairy-tale.

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2. Pigs in blankets

Say the words 'pigs in blankets' to an American and they will think you have gone crazy. Put it on a British plate and you know it must be Christmas. These festive little sausages wrapped in delicious greasy bacon are one of the UK's favourite festive foods.

Christmas light switch on3 of 12
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3. Christmas light switch on

Every UK town has them, and they seem to get more over the top every Christmas. There's also the seemingly British tradition to get a celebrity who has nothing to do with the town to switch on the festive lights.

John Lewis adverts4 of 12
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4. Festive TV adverts

John Lewis, Sainsbury's and the infamous Coca-Cola advert. The excitement a British person feels when they are pulled in by one of these amazing Christmas adverts is unreal. For some 'it's officially Christmas' when one of the nation's most loved adverts first appear on our screens.

Office parties5 of 12
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5. Office parties

We all have them and yes they normally end in embarrassment, however the office Christmas party is a British must in the festive season! Getting merry with your work colleagues on a free bar tab usually ends with telling your boss how you really feel about them.

Nativity plays6 of 12
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6. Nativity plays

If you have children there's no doubt you would have attended a nativity play at some point in your life. Young, cute children acting out the birth of baby Jesus is something every parent cherishes around Christmas time.

Christmas TV specials7 of 12
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7. Christmas TV specials

Whether it's EastEnders, Downton Abbey, or repeats of the Royle Family, without a doubt every one of your favourite programmes shows an explosive special episode with lots of drama or laughs. Perfect TV for when you're slouched on the sofa eating the leftovers.

Mince Pies8 of 12
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8. Mince Pies

They are the taste of Christmas, Filled with hundreds of calories, you know it not good, but its Christmas; the time to splurge.

Decorations up in October9 of 12
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9. Decorations up in October

As soon as Halloween is over, you always see the overly eager British Christmas lover with decorations covering the house from top to bottom. Imagine their electricity bill!

Christmas jumpers10 of 12
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10. Christmas jumpers

The British high streets stock them around four month before the big day, with everyone thinking 'it's a bit early'. Then it suddenly hits you and it's December! With Christmas jumpers becoming more popular thanks to charity days such as #ChristmasJumperFriday, designs are becoming more eccentric and oddly brilliant.

Boxing Day sales11 of 12
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11. Boxing Day sales

After the big celebration of Christmas Day, British people like to get up and get out to the seasonal Boxing Day sales! The perfect opportunity to buy even more to add to your Christmas pile. America's equivalent; 'Black Friday' is slightly more chaotic and basically just not as good.

The Queen's speech12 of 12
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12. The Queen's speech

What's more British than sitting down as a family on Christmas Day to watch the Queen's speech? Dressed up in front of the 20ft Christmas trees inside of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth tells us about the year's major events. The tradition has been going since 1932, and certainly isn't like anything the Americans have.

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