Get involved with Pixie Lott’s Small Moments!

And she's going to be giving us an inside look

Pixie Lott\\\'s Small Moments on heat Radio

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Picie Lott is doing something pretty exciting at the moment, and here at heat Radio we're getting involved.

Alongside Audioboom she's launched her new podcast Small Moments, which is a journey through her life with a difference - it's all coming through the eyes of her biggest fans.

Pixie said about the project "What I love about Small Moments is the opportunity it's given me to engage with my fans and hear their stories.

"The stories I've heard have been so touching. I think podcasting is the perfect format to share those stories in a really intimate and personal way"

Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott

Even better, Pixie is going to be giving us an inside look into the podcast by catching up with our very own Sarah Powell on heat over the next couple of weeks, so make sure you're tuned in between 4-7PM every weekday on heat Radio.

The podcasts are released every Friday, and you can listen to everything that's been released so far over at the Small Moments page.

Plus, if you want to get involved in the podcast with your memories of Pixie you can leave a message using the fancy Audioboom uploader below.

And listen to what happened when Pixie told Sarah all about the project on air!

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