Union J take advice from Katie Price to perfect their look in the You Had It All Video

Union J talk to heat radio about new single You Have It All and how Katie Price helps them perfect their look


by Talia Kraines |
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The Union J boys are back with a brand new single ‘You Got It All’ and they popped into see James Barr on heat radio this week.

The new single is a proper big boyband ballad. It’s written by the lead singer of Magic and would have Louis Walsh running across hot coals to get a hold of it.

A big boyband ballad also requires a broody, moody video and the boys revealed that they’ve been learning how to pout successfully for the vid so they can look as hot as possible.

Union J’s top pouting tips include biting your cheeks and looking into a massive spotlight for the perfect squint. Best of all Jaymi revealed that he looks to Katie Price for pouting advice and follows her rule of ‘look into the distance like you’re looking at the sun and blow soft air bubbles through your mouth.’ Yes, Union J are taking advice from Katie Price.

Have a listen to the full chat here:

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