FERNE MCCANN EXCLUSIVE: “I’ve suffered from paranoia and anxiety”

She's supporting our Where's Your Head At? campaign

Ferne McCann

by Carl Smith |
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Ferne McCann is the latest celebrity to show support for our Where's Your Head At? campaign, which aims to destigmatise conversation around mental health and ensure it's supported and protected in the workplace; just like our physical health.

Revealing she's experienced anxiety triggered by her appearance on TOWIE, Ferne says reality TV is 'not normal' and explains how her career's affected her mental health.

Speaking exclusively to heat, Ferne revealed: "I think I have suffered from paranoia and anxiety.

"I went through a situation where, for a long time. I felt like I couldn't trust anyone. That really affects how you live your life, because you become paranoid and you're like 'I can't do this, I can't do that.'

"When I was pregnant, my pregnancy actually got leaked to the press so I never had that amazing moment of of saying 'I'm pregnant'...I think that has been really hard to deal with. However, it's actually made me fix up and face up to it and be like 'okay, I just need to make my people around me much smaller.' I have a very small group of friends."

Ferne added: "I think everybody has had a touch of anxiety. I'm sure I felt it in school at one stage, but I felt it when I joined TOWIE...I always thought that people were scheming stuff behind my back.

"It is a structured reality TV programme, but you're always fighting for screen time. It was amazing and it provided so many opportunities, but that was the start of my anxiety."

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To get help on mental health issues and find out how you can support our campaign so that mental and physical health are given equal treatment in the workplace please go to www.wheresyourheadat.org.

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