Belle Hassan reveals the £5 product that will keep your make-up in place for TWO WHOLE DAYS

The Love Island icon shares her all-time favourite make-up tips...

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Belle Hassan may be best known for appearing on Love Island 2019, but it's her glamourous fits, down-to-earth personality and incredible make-up artistry that has since had us hooked. The 25-year-old was a qualified make-up artist before appearing on the ITV2 show and continues to share her wizardry across socials.

Now, Belle has very excitingly been announced as the ambassador of Superdrug's very own make-up brand, Studio London.

"I've always been such a big fan of Superdrug and naturally had to try Studio London, Belle tells heat. "I tried the products and I’m absolutely obsessed with loads of them, I love how affordable they are, I love that they’re accessible to everyone. It's bringing boujee and giving it to everyone, so I absolutely love that."

Belle is also helping the brand launch its ‘Search for Studio Stars’ campaign in partnership with the British Beauty Council. The exciting campaign will hope to encourage new talent into the industry and break down misconceptions and barriers to working in beauty whilst highlighting the amazing opportunities a career in cosmetics can bring. We love to see it.👏

To celebrate, we sat down with Belle and asked her for her all-time favourite make-up tips and she did not disappoint. Notepads at the ready!

Hey Belle, what's a juicy make-up tip that will change our lives?

Right, the best tip... money can’t buy this, actually, money can buy this, it's from Studio London. One of the best tips would be, excuse the state of mine, you take a powder puff and a pressed powder, this one is the Studio London U Matter-R Pressed Powder in shade number 10.

Once you’ve finished your makeup, just get a little bit on your powder puff, tap off the excess and just pat. You basically just go over your face and it creates the most flawless finish, your skin looks filtered, and it also helps push the makeup in, and it lasts hours. I mean, when I used to do clients, I would have my clients wear their make-up for two days! They were like, 'I can sleep in my make-up and go out again in the morning! And I’m like, 'Babe, you’ll never have to worry about that one-night stand again- I’ve got you!'

Obsessed. What else do we need to ensure our make-up stays put?

Setting spray. I know a lot of setting sprays are really controversial and I’ve had many arguments in the girls' toilet over setting sprays! I am an advocate for this, I love setting spray.

This is the U DEW U Setting Spray Dewy Setting Mist. I prefer a dewy one, there is also a mattifying one, so it just depends on your skin type, so obviously get a setting spray that suits your skin type, if you have more oily skin go for a mattifying, if you have dry skin, go for a more dewy one.

But I think with setting spray, it melts that powder into the skin, and it just helps lock everything in. I mean, I drench my face in this and then fan it in and it waterproofs the face. You get like a clear shield, it just protects everything and keeps it all in place, so even I you get rained on, your make-up isn’t going anywhere.

What are the budget beauty buys you can't get enough of RN?

I think at the moment, cream contour seems to be something that people keep whacking the price up on. When I found the Studio London Flaunt Flawless Cream Bronzer... I have never used a cream bronzer like this ever. It melts so flawlessly into the skin. All of the Studio London products are so affordable, but for me, this is definitely one of my favourites.

It is the cream bronzer you can use on holiday, when you’re not wanting to put foundation on, it’s nice to put some cream bronzer on. I’ve got a really round face, so if I don’t put cream bronzer it's just, I’m not going out, it's not happening! Sometimes on holiday, what I’ll do is I use a little bit of cream bronzer and a little bit of concealer for a glowy look. For the price of these products, you would literally think, 'It just doesn’t make sense, I don’t know how they can be so affordable?!' it’s just so good.

You are the queen of Insta-worthy beauty looks! How can I ensure my make-up looks good on camera?

A good primer! A lot of people don’t use primer and I’ve never understood why. I think when you get your skin ready, it is making your face perfect for the make-up to be applied on top. So, if your base is not looking great, and it’s not flawless, your make-up application will naturally not be flawless.

I’ve been using the Studio London Superboost Face Milk Primer Banana. It smells incredible, it's not thick, not too thin texture, so when it sits on the skin, it creates a flawless layer. If something is too thick I feel claustrophobic, and if it’s too thin, it just doesn’t sit right and then everything doesn’t sit right. It is the perfect consistency, it’s brightening, and I found it helped to even out my skin tone and my skin texture and just made my make-up sit really flawlessly, to be honest. So yeah, primers are always helpful.

What about achieving The Glow?

I would even say, a lot of people, I do really love this. It’s not really long wearing but it does look amazing. If you take a bit of lip gloss or lip oil and dab it on the cheeks, it just gives a flawless glow. It's not the most long-lasting, but for photos, filming, and you know, if you go for a bit of dinner when you don’t need to be too durable, it's perfect.

What's your ultimate desert island beauty product?

See, now this question always gets me because you can’t have dry lips, that’s a definite no. So, I’d probably say a lip oil, but then I’m like, 'What if I meet a man on a desert island and I need to refresh the skin?' So I would say a setting spray or lip oil. You need to freshen up the skin, I can’t be having a man looking at me with dry crusty skin!

To enter the Search for Studio Stars, all you have to do is upload a video to TikTok of your very own creative makeup look. Be sure to tag @StudioLondonBySuperdrug and use #SearchForStudioStars in the caption so Belle and the Superdrug team can see your entry, good luck!

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