I swear by this gel nail lamp and it’s just £12.99

Hello salon-worthy mani from home 👋🏼

Gel nail lamp

by Rachael Martin |

In the past, whenever I’ve tried to achieve a gel manicure from home it hasn’t gone to plan. Any lamps I’ve bought previously haven’t cured the gel properly, leaving behind a gloopy mess and seriously unsightly hands. But this bad-boy has made things much easier.

Enter this £12.99 LED nail lamp from Amazon which is giving me salon worthy nails in under 20 mins.

Perfect for times you can’t get an appointment with your nail gal, or are just short on funds, this baby pays for itself after one use.

Plus it’s pretty and pink so won’t look out of place sitting on your dressing table. What’s not to love?

Gel nails

When it comes to perfecting the gel mani, I’ve found that as well as a great LED lamp, this this little trio is a must. The base coat, your chosen colour, and the top coat all work together to make for a flawless result. With the actual application, I like to take my time to ensure a steady hand. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll only get better.

Simply apply the base coat on a freshly buffed nail, and cure with the lamp for 60 seconds. Next, apply your chosen colour in a light, even layer (mine is here) and cure again.

Gel nails

Repeat the process with a second coat of colour for a more opaque shade. Finally, finish with a thin layer of top coat and cure for another 60 seconds. File around the edges of the nails to neaten the shape and apply a little cuticle oil to nourish nail beds.

I’ve found that these gels can last up to three weeks, which is pretty impressive considering I’m no profesh! Give it a go and see what you think.

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CREDIT: Amazon

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