10 gleamy highlighters that are not one bit glittery

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Gleamy highlighters not glittery

by Aimee Jakes |

When it comes to highlighter, we can't get enough. More is definitely more.

We want to look like we've just emerged from a wellness retreat in the Cotswolds. We want shiny cheekbones that will blind Linda from accounts. (Soz, hun.)

We want to look dewy, fresh and radiant. Is that too much to ask?

The only problem we have with dusting highlighter over our high points like there is no tomorrow is that a lot of highlighters out there are a little, shudders, glittery.

We want to glow without looking like we're really into arts and crafts.

Thankfully there are some truly innovative products out there that will transform lacklustre skin with absolutely no glitter invited.

Here's everything you need for a poppin' yet natural highlight...

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The best non-glittery highlighters

Iconic London
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CREDIT: Iconic London

From Jeffree Star to Jourdan Dunn, this has graced many beauty buff's (chiselled) cheekbones. This is ultra-pigmented and not one bit glittery.

A promising review: "OMG OMG OMG! This baby is the best highlighter ever! and I have used many! Farsali, Jouer, Too Faced... all too glittery and wired, I gave mine to my make-up addict friends, this is gorgeous!"

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter
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CREDIT: Amazon

Let's start with one of the best. This pressed highlighter delivers a sensational glow and doesn't look glittery at all.

A promising review: " I got opal because basically every YouTuber says it's gorgeous and it really didn't disappoint. I love highlight but I find loads are glittery which I don't like during the day, I love that this isn't chunky glitter, it's more reflective."

Illamasqua Beyond Powder - OMG
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A shimmering highlight that packs a punch without glitter. The champagne hue leaves your skin bright, radiant and healthy-looking. We're big fans.

A promising review: "I'm a make-up artist and use this on all my clients. Gives a really subtle glow & looks fabulous. Can also be used as an eyeshadow, great to use under the arch of the eyebrow, inner corner of eyes. Definitely recommend this, also lasts ages."

WET N WILD MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter - Halo, Goodbye
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An intensely pigmented fluid formula that leaves skin brighter with natural-looking radiance.

A promising review: " I really like it because it's not overly glittery and just gives a radiant tint."

Huda Beauty Glow Obsessions Highlighter Palette
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With four flattering shades to choose from in the Light, Medium and Rich options, Huda's really delivered on this gorgeous palette. Perfect for summer, it offers a gorgeous subtle gleam that's totally buildable. Each shade contains ultra-fine pearls for a silky finish - plus, they're infused with vitamin E. Bonus.

A promising review: "I love a good highlighter palette as you can really get creative and switch up your look. Not only does this palette look beautiful, but these shades blend perfectly to give you the ultimate summer glow. I love everything about it."

Collection Gorgeous Glow Filter Finish
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CREDIT: Collection

A multi-use product designed to create an Instagram filter on your skin. Use as a radiant primer, mix with your foundation or add on top of your make-up for a dewy glow.

A promising review: "Love this. Big fan of the luxury branded one this is a dupe of and have to say, this is a fab alternative. Glowy skin, use under foundation and as a highlighter and it gives a lovely natural glow without being an obvious highlighter which I like."

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CREDIT: Glossier

An oil-serum hybrid, this miracle product is designed to be used as the final step of your morning skincare routine. We also love dabbing the teeniest amount on our cheekbones for an almost wet dewy look.

A promising review: "Futuredew is such a unique product. It's that healthy gooey skin in a bottle. I love all things that make me dewy and this is the best. It's amazing on its own for a fresh faced look or underneath make up for that glow. It gives lacklustre skin this amazing healthy glow."

Charlotte Tilbury
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CREDIT: Charlotte Tilbury

The brightening fluid contains light-reflecting pearls to give a luminous, soft-focus finish with no giveaway glitter. The absolute dream.

A promising review: "The highlighter is so beautiful. I didn't expect it to live up the hype but it did! It's so glowy and not chunky glittery. When I wear this my highlighter really is popping but so naturally."

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CREDIT: Hourglass

Steering well clear of heavy, shiny metallic territory, this boujee highlighter will add a soft-focus glow to your high points.

A promising review: "I have the shade iridescent and love the way it gives me a glow that's noticeable, but not blinding. It has no glitters and it gives you a smooth seamless application that makes your skin look fresh and natural."

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter (Various Shades)
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This is a great foundation from MAC offering a range of tones. It really creates a gleamy look without veering too much into glitter. A definite recommendation for those seeking a more natural look.

A promising review: "I bought this in shade double gleam for when I'm my fairest... it's so blinding! Perfect for fair skin. Love the formula of the Mac highlighters."

3 different ways to use an illuminator:

Mix it with your foundation. Add a few drops to your usual product (non-matte formulas work best) and apply with your fingers or a beauty blender.

As a primer. Apply to the whole face before your foundation for a 'lit from within' look.

Apply it to your high points. Add the teeniest bit to the back of your hands and dab on the places your face naturally captures the light. Think cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and Cupid's bow.

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