These are the best no make-up make-up products for a fresh face

No make-up make-up for the win 🙌

best no make-up make-up for a fresh face

by Lucy Smith |

No make-up make-up is one of the best ways to achieve a glowing look for summer. As seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid.

Finally, we can enjoy a summer without the worry of restrictions and holiday cancellations. However, something we've all taken from the pandemic is the love of wearing less make-up.

If like us, you're dying to spend your days in bikinis, lounging around the pool, or you're wanting to revamp your summer make-up bag, we have a new beauty product you should try.

Creating that natural, no-make-up look can sometimes take more time than your usual full beat, however, we've broken down all the products you need to create a fresh face. You know, the kind of products that you could practically apply with your eyes closed and they'd still look flawless.

We've broken down our fave products guaranteed to give you the ultimate no make-up make-up look ideal for summer.

Are bronzer and contour the same?

No, and knowing the difference is the key to achieving your no make-up make-up natural look.

Contour works by using an ashy/cool-toned powder or cream underneath and in the hollows of your face, so under cheekbones, in temples, around the sides of the nose etc. Contouring should bring depth to the face and highlight its sharpness (glam AF).

By contrast, bronzers should be warm-toned and applied above or on the crests of your face, so on cheekbones, the top of your forehead, across the top of the nose etc. Bronzing should appear as though the sun has 'kissed' the high points of your face (more natural).

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