Beyoncé buys these exact £25 false lashes ‘by the ton’

She's crazy inlove with the faux mink lashes...


by Srushti Telang |

Beyoncé once sang to the world, “I woke up like this... FLAWLESS!” and honestly, we believe her. We have all wondered at least once how Beyoncé looks forever babein' and we finally have some intel.

The superstar’s MUA, Wei Lang has spilt the tea and shared one of her all-time beauty favourites - her trusty false eyelashes.

“I always use mink lashes on her. They look amazing. I use strips by Velour called ‘Are Those Real?' (£25) and I got her really into it, so she buys them by the ton,” said Lang.

If Beyoncé loves it, we can’t question it, can we?

Don’t get us wrong. We love a dramatic eyelash moment on a night out, but you cannot beat the simplicity of an everyday, effortless lash.

The vegan mink lashes by Velour are designed for everyday use, with straight vegan fibres of 8-13mm in length to give the illusion of natural, gorgeous lashes. No one needs to know whether they are fake, or you routinely apply castor oil to your eyelashes every night.

Maybe the lashes would be the first step to channelling our inner Beyoncé, or perhaps they will just make us look flawless. Sounds like a good deal either way.

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One chuffed customer wrote, “It’s not often that I come across lashes and say wow these are high quality, but with the Velour lashes I most certainly did. And being able to be reused 25 times means they’re barely over a dollar per wear, which isn't bad when you break it down like that. I highly recommend these high-quality sexy lashes.”

Another said, “Just beautiful light-looking lashes for someone who likes a more natural look. The band is easy to work with and sticks to the eyelash glue with no issue. Overall, beautiful lashes and cruelty-free.”

Of course, they were sold out on Amazon after Beyoncé’s MUA recommended them, but Velour has finally launched on LookFantastic where you can get your hands on them now. Run, don’t walk, sis!

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