I tried Byoma skincare and here are my honest thoughts

Skin-barrier boosting products under £14 have just launched in the UK, but are they actually any good?

Byoma skincare review

by Aimee Jakes |

So far in 2022 everyone seems to be talking about Wordle, Pete Davidson and Byoma. The latter is a barrier-boosting skincare brand that is popping up everywhere on Instagram thanks to its fun packaging and surprisingly low prices, starting from just £9.99.

Not bad for 'no frills, no fluff' skincare that helps to repair compromised skin barriers.

If you're new here, a damagedskin barrier can lead to problems such as dryness, acne and inflamation. Harsh cleansers and going a lil wild with acid toners are often the main culprits. In short, anything that strips your skin and gives you that dry, tight feeling could be doing your complexion more bad then good.

So that's where Byoma comes in. It has its own trademarked Tri-Ceramide Complex (fancy) which helps restore natural moisture and give your skin barrier some much-needed love. Essentially, a soothing hug for dry skin in need.

But is BYOMA actually any good or are we simply sucked in by the (brilliant) marketing?

As someone who has tried all the beauty products in the world (probably), including the cheap and cheerful to the fancy A List-approved stuff, I put the Byoma range through it's paces and here are my very honest thoughts.

Buckle in.

The good:

They're unscented: although scent can help us feel more zen (skincare is self-care, after all), it's unnecessary and can aggravate sensitive skin. I personally love how BYOMA is completely scent-free. Fragrance in skincare is very 2014, huns.

Trademarked Tri-Ceramide Complex: a very fancy way of saying a complex of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids that mimic the essential fats found in skin. Your skin will be forever grateful.

The packaging: bright, bold and here to elevate your bathroom shelf, the packaging makes you want to show off your Byoma products proudly to anyone who cares, even if it's your only your Aunt Lynda. It's even made from recycled materials. What more could you want?

Perfect for beginners: want to get into skincare, but have no clue to start? Simply choose a cleanser, serum and moisturiser for the easiest routine. This means Byoma is a great starter brand for teens, too.

Doesn't clog pores: Byoma products are non-comedogenic, meaning it's very unlikely to block pores and give you a massive spot just before your Tinder date. Why do they always appear on your chin?

Price point: the range starts at an affordable £9.99 for the Jelly Cleanser, with the most expensive product being the Rich Moisturising Cream at £13.99. Definitely a steal for hard-working formulas.

Refills: these aren't quite available just yet, but the Byoma team promise that refills for every product will be available in 'weeks not months'. Oh, we love to see it.

Clear Inkey lists: the ingredients are all clearly listed on each of the bottles as well as a note explaining which each does for your skin.

The bad:

The spray function of the Balancing Mist: at first I didn't love this product, because instead of a nice, fine mist it would deliver heavy droplets that sort of drench your face. However, the Byoma team share that you really need to press down hard on the mist top to counteract this. Noted. This definitely does help and gives a powerful, yet very fine mist. Because it's quite powerful, I'd use this as an essence/toner rather than a spray to refresh make-up.

The Rich Cream pump: does take a fair few pumps to get the product out, however, Byoma assures us that they have already fixed this problem going forward. Tbh, we stan a brand that will take note and listen.

My three favourite products from the range:

1) Byoma Moisturising Gel Cream, £11.99

Byoma Gel Moisturiser

Stand-out ingredients: tri-ceramide complex, niacinamide and green tea extract.

Easily my favourite product in the range, the gel formula is perfect for oily, yet dehydrated skin. It's silky and lightweight, yet very nourishing and I find myself reaching for this constantly. There are honestly zero faults with this moisturiser and would happily use this for all of eternity. If you had told me this product was £50, I would have believed you.

Having said that, there are times when you may need a little extra moisture (read: heatwaves or longhaul flights) but that's like being mad at Molly-Mae Hague for not being able to sing.

Check it out, here.

2) Byoma Creamy Jelly cleanser, £9.99

Byoma Jelly Cleanse review

Stand-out ingredients: tri-ceramide complex, antioxidant-rich licorice root and green tea extract.

I absolutely love this cleanser and so much so, it's now my designated second cleanse. Because of the name 'Jelly' I did expect it to be a sort of balm consistency to remove make-up, but it's definitely more of a 'gel' cleanser. My skin feels very clean without that stripping feeling and a little goes a long way. I am an advocate of saving money on cleansers and spending your money on actives and mega-watt serums, because the product is only on your skin briefly before being washed down the sink. With a £9.99 price tag, it's the cleanser I'd recomend all my friends.

Check it out, here.

3) Byoma Hydrating serum, £12.99

Byoma hydrating serum

Stand-out ingredients: tri-ceramide complex, sqaulane and glycerin.

This is my favourite serum from the range because it's hydrating, silky and leaves your skin feeling plump afterwards. It feels rich enough without feeling like it's going to clog my pores. An easy breezy serum that you can reach for day or night. My only bugbear is that there seems to be less product in this one, but it may be that the packaging is slightly too big? It's not enough to put me off repurchasing, though and it gets a cheerful thumbs up from me.

Check it out, here.

Have a gander at the full Byoma collection on Cult Beauty, here.

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