Chloe Hayward talks cleansing balms, Pinterest and her £4 hack for the ultimate nude lip

The content creator chats through her self-care Sunday must-haves...

Chloe Hayward

by Aimee Jakes |

We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it's all about Chloe Hayward, a London-based fashion and home content creator with over 350k followers on Instagram. She is the queen of cosy fits and oversized tailoring and is forever influencing us on how to dress. She's worked with huge brands including Pinterest Schuh and Ted Baker and even launched her own brand, Chloe Hayward Apparel in 2020.

Chloe chats exclusively to heat about her skincare heroes, content process and the best advice she's ever been given...

On becoming an influencer

“I used to work in retail and I’ve always had a passion for clothes and putting together outfits. It started as a hobby on the side and I just loved sharing my outfits with other people, because I always received really nice compliments. It was nice knowing that people enjoyed the way I dressed. I started to really focus on Instagram and posting more and more and then it just grew. And now I'm here and I’m very lucky with the job that I do!”

What's Chloe's top advice for anyone fancying themselves as a fashion influencer in the making?

“It would just be to keep going and put in the effort. I know it sounds so basic, but you're going to go through rough patches and you need to keep persevering and then the outcome will be great. It's like the famous saying, 'You get out what you put in'. So put in the effort and the hard work and you will see the results.”

On self-care

So, what's Chloe's ultimate self-care Sunday routine?

“It normally starts with a latte, I tend to find them really sweet and refreshing and they’re actually really high in amino acids as well which gives you a nice little boost of energy for the day. Then I’ll go in with my ESPA Cleansing Balm (£42), I use that every day, but when I really want to focus on myself, I just take a little bit longer and really focus on my skin. I also love using my Gua Sha tool too.

"On a self-care day, I will normally try and have a makeup-free day because it’s always good to let your skin breathe and just not worry about having make-up on. I put on my favourite playlist and tidy the flat, or I go out for a walk and get some fresh air and listen to the birds sing.”

On skincare

“I've only got into skincare in the last two years, my skincare routine before was virtually non-existent! I didn’t think it was important which was really naïve, but now I love it and I really see the benefits. Like self-care, it's just taking that time for yourself.

"The product I always recommend to friends is the Typology Regenerating Face Scrub (£20). I love a face scrub anyway, as you can properly get in there, but this one forms into an exfoliating oil. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and really nourished and I’m obsessed!

"I also love the ESPA Cleansing Balm which I use before my make-up because it gives you a really nice base as well.”

On her budget buys

What's the cheap-as-chips beauty savour that Chloe can't be without?

“It would have to be the NYX lip liner in the shade London (£4). It’s my go-to and I always pair it with your classic Vaseline. You just dab a little bit on your lip and it just gives a really nice shine.”

On her go-to cosmetics

“Currently I am loving the bareMinerals Serum-Infused Mascara (£23). The brush is just incredible and it doesn’t leave you with a clumpy look. It starts off really natural and you can build it up if you want to create that dark length. I am also obsessed with the Refy Bronzer (£18). It’s just a really lovely consistency which leaves your skin looking incredible.”

On her style

“I would describe my style as minimal with oversized tailoring. I do tend to experiment a little bit more depending on the season For example, in summer, I like to wear a bit more colour, more bold prints and just have fun. Then, when it gets to the colder months of winter, I'm back to heavily focusing on tailoring and in layers, different shapes and also trying out different colour palettes.”

On the content process

“I try to be quite organised. For example, if at 11 o’clock at night, I have an idea, I’ve got to write it down on my notes, otherwise, I forget it. Then the next day, I will have to create it. I’m very much in the moment. As soon as I think about it, I want to create it.

"Naturally, I do have days where I'm not as motivated or I'm struggling a little bit. So, I either go to Pinterest and get some inspiration. or make sure I take those days slower, and not get frustrated and just try again the next day. But when it comes to my Instagram, I’m very organised with it. I love having a feed planned. I’m a perfectionist. I've tried to be really relaxed, but I just can't do it!”

On daily wellness

“I’m really trying to focus on drinking more water. I’ve got a huge green bottle I take around me everywhere in the flat to make sure I stay hydrated. But the biggest one at the moment is I've swapped out my evening cup of tea for chamomile, which was actually really hard because I love a cup of tea and biscuits! But chamomile just makes me much more relaxed for the evening."

On great advice

“I recently spoke to a friend, and she gave me the advice, ‘Worrying won't change the outcome’. It really hit hard because I'm such an overthinker and I worry about so much. It was just that realisation of going, ‘Oh my goodness, you're so right’. We're so focused on trying to predict the worst-case scenario in the future which just means that we don't have fun or enjoy the present. It's just so important to realise that worrying about it, as you can't control it."

Quickfire round:

What show are you currently watching? Teen Wolf

How do you like your cuppa? I like my tea with one sugar - not too strong and not too milky.

Go-to loungewear brand? Gilly Hicks! Their loungewear is so soft and the comfiest thing ever.

Favourite face mask? Again, it would be the brand Typology and it's their charcoal and nettle face mask (£24).

Go-to takeaway order? The Wagamama vegetarian katsu curry.

Favourite candle? The Le Labo candle in Santal 26 (£60). It's like a really subtle scent because I'm not into too strong-smelling candles because it's just too overpowering.

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